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German Language Proficiency

Do I need to know German to study at UR?

All foreign students, applicants who have not acquired their study qualification at a German-speaking institution, must prove that they have sufficient German language skills before beginning their studies at UR.

This proof can be provided by the German Language Test for University Admission (DSH) or by equivalent language tests.

In our download section you will find an overview list of the subjects offered and a note on the language level you need to prove for each program at UR.

English Master's programs can also be started without a German language certificate. More information on exam certificates below.

Which degrees are offered at UR and in which language?

German Language Certificate for Degree Studies

When applying for a bachelor's, a state examination study program or a Master's taught in German, you must prove that you have at least the B2 language level. Certificates from private language schools are also accepted.

As evidence, both language certificates (all test sections must be passed) and confirmations of participation in appropriate German courses are accepted.

Exception: Applicants for medicine and dentistry must present a DSH3 certificate or equivalent proof at the time of application.

In most cases, the DSH (German Language Test for University Admission) with the overall result DSH-2 is required for admission to studies. For some courses of study the DSH-1 level is sufficient. For the degree program Law and Medicine, the DSH-3 level is required.

Alternatively, instead of the DSH, you can present another certificate that corresponds to the required DSH level.

DSH - German Language Examination for University Admission

The Department of German as a Foreign Language (DaF) at the University of Regensburg conducts the DSH examination at least twice a year (March and September).

Applicants who have received a letter of admission to a study program and have not yet obtained a suitable language certificate ( DSH or equivalent) may register for the DSH examination at UR before the beginning of the semester*.

In addition, the DaF Department offers alternative language examinations through which you can acquire a language certificate for university admission, such as TestDaF or telc C1 Hochschule.

Information on the DSH exam

Information on the TestDaF

Information on telc C1 Hochschule

* If an equivalent certificate is obtained outside the university in the time between application and enrollment, the certificate can be submitted to the Student Office via email and the participation in the DSH can be cancelled.

Preparatory German Courses

If you would like to study at UR but do not yet have sufficient knowledge of German language, you can take part in the preparatory German courses offered by the Department of German as a Foreign Language (DaF). The courses prepare you for the study as well as for the "Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang" (DSH).

Unfortunately, applicants for medicine, dentistry and pharmacy cannot apply for the preparatory German course.

When applying for a study preparatory German course, you have to prove language skills at B1 or B2 level.

The following certificates will be accepted:

  • onSET placement test (⇒ zur Anmeldung)
  • DSD
  • DSH
  • Goethe certificate
  • ÖSD
  • telc certificate
  • TestDaF
  • UNIcert

Admission to the B2 course is based on a B1 certificate with very good and good exam results (at least 80% of the exam requirements).


Further information on the study-preparatory German courses

Non-Degree German Courses

International students who are already enrolled in a degree program can also continue to improve and expand their German language skills during their studies by taking German courses that accompany their studies. The Department of German as a Foreign Language provides an extensive range of German courses, in which in particular study-related language skills and competences in the field of academic language are taught. 

 ⇒ Further information on the non-degree German courses

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