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Faculty Representatives

Women's Representative

Prof. Dr. Merle Behr

Office: Building BA, Room 516
Phone: +49 941 943-68508
Email: Merle.Behr@ur.de

Website Merle Behr

Website FIDS Women's Representatives

1st Deputy Women's Representative | Board Member of the UR Data Hub

Dr. Tanja Auge

Office: Building BA, Room 638
Phone: +49 941 943-68616
Email: Tanja.Auge@ur.de

Website Tanja Auge

Website FIDS Women's Representatives

2nd Deputy Women's Representative

Dr. Kata Vuk

Office: Building BA, Room 506
Phone: +49 941 943-68541
Email: Kata.Vuk@ur.de

Website Kata Vuk

Website FIDS Women's Representatives

Building Representative

Prof. Dr. Dorit Merhof

Office: Building BA, Room 503
Phone: +49 941 943-68509
Email: Dorit.Merhof@ur.de


Internationalization Representative

Prof. Dr. Udo Kruschwitz

Office: Building PT, Room 3.0.84A
Phone: +49 941 943-3586
Email: Udo.Kruschwitz@ur.de


IT Representative | Deputy Building Representative

Prof. Dr. Daniel Schnurr

Office: Building BA, Room 513
Phone: +49 941 943-68506
Email: Daniel.Schnurr@ur.de


Library Representative

Prof. Dr. Philipp Rümmer

Office: Building BA, Room 602
Phone: +49 941 943-68612
Email: Philipp.Ruemmer@ur.de


Representative for Public Relations

Melanie A. Kilian M.A.

Office: Building PT, Room 3.0.13
Phone: +49 941 943-3588
Email: Melanie.Kilian@ur.de


Research Data Representative/Board Member of the UR Data Hub | Member of WIN

Prof. Dr. Meike Klettke

Office: Building BA, Room 625
Phone: +49 941 943-68625
Email: Meike.Klettke@ur.de


Member Steering Committee Sports Center | Deputy Internationalization Representative

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jaki

Office: Building BA, Room 632
Phone: +49 941 943-68632
Email: Thomas.Jaki@ur.de


Member Committee Study-Accompanying IT-Training | Member Steering Committee Center of Language and Communication | Business Start-Up Ambassador (acting)

Prof. Dr. Christian Wolff

Office: Building PT, Room 3.0.60
Phone: +49 941 943-3386
Email: Christian.Wolff@ur.de


Faculty of Informatics and Data Science