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Welcome to the website of the Representatives for the Equality of Women in Academia and the Arts!

The Women's Representative of the Faculty of Informatics and Data Science and her deputies are the personal contact persons for female scientists and students for questions regarding information, advice and support concerning women-specific and career-promoting issues as well as the compatibility of family and career.

All questions are, of course, treated confidentially.

Women's representatives pay attention to the avoidance of disadvantages for female scientists, female teachers and students

November 8, 2023 | 6:30 pm at Unikat 

Meet up for Women from the Faculty of Computer Science and Data Science

Female professors, lecturers, (research) assistants and students of the faculty are warmly invited.

Doodle poll for the next meeting here.

Next APPLICATION DEADLINE: November 15, 2023

Representatives for the Equality of Women in Academia and the Arts & Coordination Office

Next application deadline for FAS funds

May 25, 2023 | full day


Women in Data Science (WIDS)

Now in its third year, this event focused on female scientists, researchers, and other experts working in the field of Data Science. This year, representatives from Huggingface and Microsoft, among others, provided information on the latest AI developments (keyword ChatGPT), and female students from the university and OTH were represented at the poster presentations, as were representatives from the high-tech industry.

Women's representatives


Prof. Dr. Merle Behr

Building Bajuwarenstraße 4, Room 516
Phone +49 941 943-68508
E-mail Merle.Behr@ur.de

Website with more information

Prof. Dr. Behr holds the Chair of Machine Learning at the Faculty of Informatics and Data Science.


Dr.-Ing. Tanja Auge

Building Bajuwarenstraße 4, Room 636
Phone +49 941 943-68616
E-mail Tanja.Auge@ur.de

Website with more information

Tanja Auge is a research assistant at the Chair of Data Engineering.


Dr. Kata Vuk

Building Bajuwarenstraße 4, Room 506
Phone +49 941 943-68541
E-mail Kata.Vuk@ur.de

Kata Vuk is a research assistant at the Chair of Machine Learning.


Franka Heinlein B.A.

E-mail Franka.Heinlein@stud.uni-regensburg.de 

Franka Heinlein is the first primary contact for female students.


  • Increasing the proportion of female professors
  • Career and personnel development for young female scientists and scholars
  • Acquisition of female students for subjects in which women are underrepresented
  • Improving the compatibility of studies and career with family life
  • Awerness raising for gender aspects
  • Achieving equality between women and men in the public sector


The women's representative:

  • promotes equal rights for women and men and takes care to avoid disadvantages for female scientists, female teachers and female students.
  • is a voting member of all appointment committees of the faculty; in doing so, she ensures that no gender-specific discrimination occurs in appointment procedures and that qualified female applicants are adequately considered.
  • acts in an advisory capacity in connection with the awarding of scholarships to young female scientists.
  • has funds from the Financial Incentive System (FAS) of the University of Regensburg, with which (junior) female scientists can be individually supported within the scope of their qualification.
  • cooperates closely with the office of the women's representative of the university and regularly participates in meetings with the women's representatives of all other faculties of the University of Regensburg.
  • is the contact person for cases of sexual harassment.
  • is the contact person in all cases where relevant problems arise.

Legislative texts on the position and tasks of women's representatives

  • Bavarian University Innovation Act (BayHIG) of August 5, 2022

You can find the text of the law in the current version under the following link:

Art. 22 BayHIG: Equality

  • Basic Regulations of the University of Regensburg

You can find text in the current version on the following page for download:

University Legal Bases

  • Equal Concept of the University of Regensburg

Equality concept

Programs and scholarships for young female scientists

Financial Incentive System to promote Gender Equality

In order to promote equal opportunities at the University of Regensburg, the university management provides the university's women's representative with annual financial resources for the faculties as part of the "Financial Incentive System for the Promotion of Equality".

This is intended, on the one hand, to promote the university's young female scientists and, on the other hand, to reward the faculties' progress in fulfilling the equality mandate. This decentralized allocation of funds provides the opportunity to be more considerate of the (discipline-specific) needs of individual faculty.

Limitations of FIDS:

  • Support for junior female UR scientists. 
  • Support for the implementation of the FIDS gender equality concept.

Funding opportunity examples:

  • SHK or WHK positions for female doctoral candidates, post-doctoral candidates, and post-doctoral candidates with a service contract at UR.
  • Start-up, bridging and final financing of doctoral studies Travel grants for the participation and organization of conference trips, workshops and conferences
  • Information events outside the university
  • Procurement of literature and software
  • Support for guest lectures by scientists from outside the UR or invitations from cooperation partners by female scientists from the UR.
  • Further education
  • Measures of the equal opportunity concepts of the FIDS
  • Other material means, as far as they are related to the scientific work.

Funding of up to 750€ is possible. First applications are preferentially funded.

Next application deadline: 15.05.2024

Interested women should send the application form to the official email of the Faculty Women's Representative.

Travel Expenses

Issue | To expand the academic profile of UR's female early career researchers, additional funding for travel expenses, material resources, and assistants is provided. Another aim of this funding is to compensate for the negative effects on academic career development resulting from the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Eligible applicants | Postdocs, Habilitandinnen, UR lecturers with temporary employment contracts or scholarships, current mentees in the Mentoring.UR programme. Postdocs with external funding contracts must document that they are pursuing a UR academic qualification. Doctoral candidates may be funded, but they do not have priority in the selection process. 

Funding | Grants are for assistants, travel expenses, and material resources which support early female career researchers who have no other means of funding to expand their academic profile. 

Application deadlines | 01.05.2023 | 01.11.2023 | 01.05.2024

Any changes to the call for applications and funding guidelines are announced at least four weeks before the application deadline.

Find more information and the complete call for applications here (only in german).

Maternity Support

The University of Regensburg provides financial support to accommodate statutory maternity leave (MuSchG, UrlMV).

This financial support system serves

  1. to compensate for statutory absence or limitation in teaching and research when a full substitution for the pregnant woman or new mother is not feasible
  2. to finance personnel support in cases of individualised maternity leave or to cover experimental laboratory activities which can no longer be undertaken due to pregnancy
  3. to provide financial security for women on scholarship if the scholarship donor does not finance maternity leave

Here you can access the guidelines and application information for maternity support within the university network.

If you have any questions, please contact: Equal Opportunities & Diversity Coordination Office | chancengleichheit@ur.de | phone +49 941 943-3581


The Mentoring Programme aims to promote the career of new female academics. It is based on a relationship of two people (“Tandem”) that crosses generations and hierarchies. An experienced person (mentor) supports the development of a younger, less experienced person (mentee), for a limited period of time, thus overcoming the usual superior-employee relationship.

More information can be found on the German-language website.

Collected overview of scholarships and support for female scientists on the qualification pathway

Programs and training for young scientists

Center for Graduate & Postgraduate Researchers

The Center for Graduate & Postgraduate Researchers is a cross-faculty facility for supporting and advancing early career scientists and scholars at Universität Regensburg.

The homepage contains information and opportunities for doctoral candidates as well as researchers, who are seeking further academic qualifications (postdocs, candidates working on their habilitation, junior group managers and junior professors).

Further research options

The research database ELFI contains more than 11,000 research funding programs of about 4,900 national and international sponsors. In this database, which is updated once a week, you can filter by research topic, funding type or region, for example. Grants for students are also included in this database.
The University of Regensburg has subscribed to access and makes it available free of charge to its scientists in the university network: www.elfi.info

Sexual harassement

The women's representatives are also contact persons for cases of sexual harassment. You can contact us at any time. Do not hesitate.

You are also welcome to contact Dr. Birgit Bockschweiger (antidiskriminierung@ur.de) beyond the faculty. Dr. Bockschweiger is the officer for antidiscrimination & diversity and the contact person for sexual harassment and sexualized violence at the University of Regensburg.

Persons affected by discrimination and sexual harassment can find the UR guidelines.

The psychological counseling center of the University of Regensburg should also be mentioned.

Contact address and appointment on the homepage.

Equality concept of FIDS

Coming soon

  • Equal Concept of the University of Regensburg

           Equality concept

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