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Mental Health

Counseling for UR Students

Counseling services for mental health at the UR

Psychological counseling at the University of Regensburg:
The Mental Health Counseling Service helps students suffering crises in various areas of their lives and provides psychological and psychotherapeutical advice. The sessions are absolutely confidential!

Counseling Service for Mental Health - Universität Regensburg

⇒ Please do not hesitate to ask for an appointment by email

Psychological counseling at the Studentenwerk Niederbayern-Oberpfalz

Studying often brings many changes - new city, new friends, new apartment, a new role as a student and a new way of learning. All of these are basically manageable challenges - but as an international student you can soon feel overwhelmed. The team of psychological counseling at the Studentenwerk has an open ear for your concerns and supports you professionally and confidentially.

Psychological counseling service at STWNO

⇒ You can schedule an appointment by email psychologische-beratung@stwno.de

Social counseling (Studentenwerk Niederbayern-Oberpfalz)

The social counselors support students and prospective students with financial, economic and/or personal problems or questions. They help to develop strategies for financing your studies, taking into account various life situations and different stages of your studies, e.g. if you want to start a family during your studies or if your health is impaired.

⇒ Flyer: Social counseling at StWNO

Counseling service (StWNO)

Support meetings / Self-help groups

In the OTH "Studierendenhaus", students meet regularly for support meetings (self-help groups) to chat with other students and to look for solutions to personal problems.

Currently there are meetings on four main topics:

  •     Eating disorders
  •     Depression
  •     Anxiety disorders
  •     ADHS/ADS
  •    Open group (cross-themed)

Interested students may drop in on the day of the event without registering in advance.

Dates and further information

Helpline - Nightline

A telephone helpline by students for students. The aim is to offer students in difficult situations a sympathetic ear over the phone.

  • When? Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays
  • 9 - 12 pm
  • Tel. 0941 943 9270

Krisenchat (crisis chat) - fast, simple and confidential

The Krisenchat advises young people on their worries and problems: at any time, free of charge and with complete confidentiality. The chat is staffed by professionals with good training and a lot of experience.

The service for young people up to 25 years works 24/7.

To the krisenchat website

Emergencies or crises in the evening or on weekends (24/7)

Krisendienst Bayern – Bayern Crisis Services

The Bayern Crisis Services is a psychosocial counseling and support service. The free 24/7 service offers qualified advice and support for people in mental crises, those affected and their families. Professionals can also contact the crisis service.

If necessary, a mobile emergency team will be on site within an hour to provide advice and assistance. The Bayern Crisis Services can be reached all over Bavaria. Advice and support in English is available.

Help in case of crisis - Krisendienste Bayern 

⇒ By phone: 0800  6553000 (no fees apply)

Telephone Helpline (Telefonseelsorge)

The TelefonSeelsorge® has an open ear for worries of all kinds and can be reached even in the middle of the night. Around one million calls are made every year, free of charge and around the clock. Whether old or young, employed, housewives, students or retirees - anyone can call. The volunteers are aware of their responsible task and take all calls seriously - whether at eight in the morning or at midnight.

If you want to communicate in your native language you will find a list of helplines in many different languages.

Helplines in different languages

⇒ By phone:  0800 - 1110111

0800 - 1110222 

0800 - 116123

via email and chat

Psychiatric Hospital - Klinik und Poliklinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie der Universität am Bezirksklinikum Regensburg

If you are experiencig an actual mental crisis and are in the need of professional support, contact or visit the Psychiatric Hospital directly. Help is available 24/7.

Universitätsstraße 84
93053 Regensburg
Tel. 0941 9415555

Admission in case of emergencies (in German)

Information on admission of international patients

City counseling centers and social psychiatric services

Psychological counseling center of the Diakonisches Werk Regensburg e.V.

Educational counseling and family therapy, marriage and partnership counseling, life counseling, counseling for adolescents and young adults.

Prüfeninger Straße 53
93049 Regensburg

Phone: 0941 2977111

⇒ Email: erziehungsberatung@dw-regensburg.de

Visit the Diakonie services home page

Social Psychiatric Service of the Diakonisches Werk Regensburg e.V.

Helpful in case of known psychiatric pre-existing conditions. Consultation in English, French or with interpreter possible.

Prüfeningerstraße 53
93049 Regensburg

Phone: 0941 2977112

⇒ E-Mail: spdi.regensburg@dw-regensburg.de

Social Psychiatric Services

Partnership, family and life counseling

Counseling center for marriage, family and life issues Regensburg (Caritas):

Landshuter Str. 16
93047 Regensburg

Phone: 0941 51610
Fax: 0941 51683

Caritas: contact information

Online Counseling for young adults

Catholic Counseling Center (anonymous online counseling):

Counseling service at EFL

Social Psychiatric Service of the Bayerische Gesellschaft für Psychische Gesundheit e.V. (Bavarian Society for Mental Health e.V.)

There is only a counseling service, no therapy sessions. Counseling can also be provided in English.

Rote-Hahnen-Gasse 6
93047 Regensburg

Phone: 0941 59935910
Mon - Wed 9am - 5pm
Thu 12pm - 6pm
Fri 9am - 1pm

⇒ E-Mail: spdi_regensburg@bgfpg.de

Go to Bayerische Gesellschaft für Psychische Gesundheit e.V.

Psychotherapeutic outpatient clinics

Psychotherapeutic Outpatient Clinic - Behavioral Therapy - AVM (Association for Behavior Modification)

Counseling in English possible.

Albertstr. 2
93047 Regensburg

Contact for registration of new adult patients:

Phone: 09 41 5993599-14
Wednesday 5pm - 6pm
Thursday 4pm - 5pm
Friday 11am - 12pm

⇒ E-Mail: regensburg@psychotherapie-ambulanzen.de
Psychotherapie Ambulanzen web  

Psychotherapeutic Outpatient Clinic Behavioral Therapy AVR (Training Institute for Behavioral Therapy Regensburg)

Buchenstraße 9
93197 Zeitlarn

Phone: 0941 99224165
Mon, Tue 2pm – 4pm
Wed, Thu 10am – 12pm

⇒ Please use the contact form for appointments.


University outpatient psychotherapy clinic (Hochschulambulanz für Psychotherapie)

University of Regensburg
Landshuter Str. 22
93047 Regensburg

Phone: 0941 9436080
Fax: 0941 943816080

⇒ E-Mail: psychotherapie@ur.de

University outpatient psychotherapy clinic

Self-help groups

KISS Regensburg - Self-help near you

Self-help in Regensburg city and the neighboring localities.

Are you looking for a group for a health problem or do you have a social concern?

KISS Regensburg can support you in the search for your group

  1. UR International Office

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