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As a student from another EU-country, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full time during the semester break.

There are more regulations for students from non-EU-countries.

Students from non-EU-countries

As a student you will usually not receive a work permit. Without this permission, you are allowed to work up to 3 months (120 days or 240 half days of work) a year. This will also be noted in your residence permit.

You are also allowed to work during the semester and during the semester brak. Please note, that you can only work a full day or a half day, the calculation is not based on individual working hours! For the calculation, a full day is 8 hours and half day work is up to 4 hours. With a regular full day of 10 hours, you are allowed to work up to 5 hours on a half day.

Before beginning your job, you will need to check your residence permit. If your work is not explicitly permitted you need to apply for the permission at the office for foreigners affairs first!

Participants of the german lessons (Non-EU)

During the first year of the german language course you are allowed to work during the semester breaks only!

Guest researchers and PhD candidates

Please note, that there are different regulations for you! The welcome center provides more information.

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Job Opportunities

Where do i find work?

The "Bundesagentur für Arbeit" can help you finding a job. You can find job offers on their website.

Often there are some job offers on the wall next to room 0.16 of the international office. These offers are addressed to international students.

You will find further job offers in the newspapers (Mittelbayerische, Rundschau, Wochenblatt).

Work and study

Jobs for students

International students are allowed to work at the UR or scientific institutions without time regulations. Jobs in organisations, close to the university (like being a tutor in one of the dormitories of the "Studentenwerk") and being a so-called "Werksstudent" in a company count to this category.


If the internship is part of your studies and required to achieve the degree, you will only have to apply for a permission at the foreigners office. Your internship will then not be counted to your regular work days on your residence permit.

Part-time jobs

A long-time job can only be permitted, if it does not affect the purpose of your stay (studying) in any way.

In any case, contact the foreigners office to make sure your residence permit will not be affected by your jobs or studies.

Working with degree

Residence permit after graduation

The residential law allow students from non-EU-counties to work in germany after their graduation. After receiving your certificate you have two options:

  • Change your residence permit to one with work permission
  • residence permit for 18 months to apply for jobs

Already found a job?

Visit the foreigners office as fast as possible. You might need some documents (in german):

  • Antrag auf Erteilung einer befristeten Aufenthaltserlaubnis
  • Pass sowie ein biometrisches Lichtbild
  • Nachweis über den erfolgreichen Abschluss des Studiums
  • Antrag auf Ausübung einer Beschäftigung (your future employer should sign this document as well)

Please note, that you could need different forms in your case!

If you did not find a job yet

Your residence permit can be extended for 18 months, so you can apply for jobs. You are allowed to work during this period of time.

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