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Campus Life

The UR campus offers all the facilities you need for your studies. Enjoy the Cafeterias and the varous sports programmes, as well as the beautiful green spaces all over the campus in the summer time.


The sports centre is open to all students, UR staff and researchers. It offers a wide variety of sports. To use the sports centre you need a “Sportausweis“ (Sports card). In order to pick up your sports card, you  will need to go to the sports centre and bring the following documents with you:

  • passport

  • student ID, copy of work contract or letter from your academic host
  • passport-sized photo
  • Mensacard, with at least € 15 on it to pay the sports fee

During the first and second week of each semester you can also bring these documents to the entrance of the H.S.R. Mensa and get your sports card there. Information on the different sports available can be found in the print version of  the „Sportprogramm“ (available throughout the campus, e.g. in the libraries, H.S.R. Mensa building, etc.) or online.

⇒ Website of the sports centre


The library includes the central library an 13 subject-specified libraries. All books and magazines are summarized in the "Regensburger Katalog" for easier research.

You can find the libraries on the location map.

⇒ Website of the central library

⇒ Location map

⇒ Regensburger Katalog


The UR has a very good computer center and more than 30 computer rooms, which are free to use for all students.

If you need to print out anything, you will need to buy a printing-coupon (for 2, 5, 10 or 20 Euro). The coupon is available at all cafeterias, at the campus Edeka and the stationary store on campus.

The scanners are located in the central library.


⇒ Infostand Rechenzentrum

Zi. RZ 002
Mo- Do 9-16 , Fr 9-13 Uhr

Tel. 943- 4880
E-Mail: support@rz.uni-regensburg.de

Eating and Drinking

The UR has a canteen and various cafeterias on campus. Students and guests of the UR are also allowed to use the canteen and the cafeterias of the OTH Regensburg.

You pay with your student-ID card at every canteen or cafeteria of the UR and OTH.

Guests of the UR that do not get a students-ID can get a "MensaCard" at the canteens office:

     Mensa, U0 56 (Entrance across from the bus stop).

     Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 10:45am and 11:15am - 2pm.

The Studentenwerk provides information on the menu, prices and opening hours.

⇒ Website of the Studentenwerk

⇒ Visiting scholars and doctoral candidates should contact the Welcome Center to obtain the "MensaCard".

University Groups

If you want to volunteer in a university group, check out the website of the central guidance service.

⇒ Volunteering groups

If you are interested in joining a confessional students community, check out the following links. The following communities have spaces on-campus:

⇒ Katholische Hochschulgemeinde

⇒ Evangelische Hochschulgemeinde

⇒ Campusgemeinde

Your community is missing? Contact us!

WiFi free of charge on campus

Free BayernWLAN at the UR and the Hospital

Thanks to BayernWLAN, the many visitors to the university, students and international researchers can now access the internet free of charge, around the clock, without limits, securely and with youth protection filters.


StudiWLAN: easy to use!

The computer center offers a new network for easy access to the internet. The WiFi can be used without installation and device registration. To log in, the RZ account (or NDS) and password are required.

  1. UR International Office

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