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At the University of Regensburg, we value our differences and celebrate diversity. The University of Regensburg adheres to the antidiscrimination principles laid down in General Act on Equal Treatment of 14 August 2006. The purpose of this Act is to prevent or to stop discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Institutions and organizations across campus provide a variety of helpful resources and ensure the University remains an inclusive, welcoming place free from discrimination.

⇒ Contact: antidiskriminierung@ur.de

Conflict Management & Anti-Discrimination

General Act on Equal Treatment of 14 August 2006

Forms and documents on equality at the University of Regensburg (only in German)

National Code of Conduct on Foreign Students at German Universities

In adopting this National Code of Conduct on Foreign Students at German Universities the universities reaffirm their sustained interest in attracting and hosting qualified international students, doctoral students, (young) scientists and researchers. The Code of Conduct aims to establish a "set of common minimum standards" in the fields of Information and Marketing, Admissions, Supervision, Support and Advice, plus "Follow-Up Services", on which international students can rely.

The guiding principle is, whereever possible, to grant international students the same rights as are available to German and EU students, and above this, to offer them the services and assistance that they particularily need as foreign guests.

Universität Regensburg has become a member of this National Code of Conduct in 2009.

Complete Content of the Code of Conduct

Handling Complaints

International students who want to file complaints and request corrective action of non-compliance with the Code of Conduct may contact the vice president Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Korber.

⇒ Contact: nikolaus.korber@ur.de

Equality and Diversity

Visit the following website to learn more about equality, diversity, anti-racism, family businesses and the women's representatives.

⇒ Equal Opportunities and Diversity at the UR

Students with special needs

Are you affected by some sort of handicap or chronic illness? Then you are not alone with your needs. Approximately 11% of all students in Germany are affected by some sort of handicap or chronic illness. If you have special requirements for your accomodation or need a different treatment for exams, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Betzner as soon as possible to organize your stay.

Overview of Special Facilities for Students with Special Needs

Contact information: Christine Betzner

Central UR information website for students with chronic illness, disability, developmental or partial performance disorder (only in German)

Who does the term "student with special needs" apply to?

The term student with special needs applies to a relatively wide range of people, including students with

  • sensory handicaps, i.e. hearing and visual impairments
  • a limited physical mobility
  • multiple scleorsis
  • epilepsy
  • learning disabilities, i.e. dyslexia
  • Asperger syndrom
  • chronic physical or mental illnesses.

What forms of assistance can be provided?

Students with special needs are entitled to diverse forms of assistance to provide all the support they need to help them successfully complete a university degree.

Students may receive special support when taking exams like:

  • additional time for exams
  • extra exam venues
  • alternative testing forms
  • technical assistance

Forthermore, Universität Regensburg offers several special services for students with special needs:

  • special resting area
  • special computer services for visual impaired students as well as other special equipment
  • special literature and library services and more

Advisory Service for International Exchange Students

If you need special assistance, accommodation or exam conditions as an exchange student coming to Regensburg, you should contact Ms Christine Betzner at the International Office as soon as possible so that everything can be organized in time.

Important: Please send us an official letter from your home university as soon as possible confirming what kind of assistance has already been approved for you at your home university. We also need a recent official medical report explaining the medical condition. Both certificates should be in English (unless available in German).

Contact: Ms Christine Betzner

Other Advisory Services

There are two main two main advisory services on campus:

Student Services

The counselors at the Student Services give advice on

  • financial aid and support during your studies as well as for everyday life
  • how to get approval for technical and staff support
  • how to interact with institutions and authorities
  • how to receive support during critical and problematic personal situations
  • social law and psychosocial questions

Student Services: Students with special needs (German)

University's Advisory Team

The university's advisory service team (Stefanie Feuerer, Dr. Tina Plank, and Prof. Dr. Mark Greenlee) offers several services to support you during your studies, i.e. sight-impaired or blind students will find a scanner service, special computers and microscopes. A literature service helps you get books and other material from the library.

Contact: UR's Advisory Team (German)


If you encounter problems related to the handling of the study programme or other aspects of your stay that cannot be solved by the International Office, you can contact the appropriate ombudsperson at your faculty. Ombudspersons are the internationalization officers of the faculties.

⇒ Faculty Responsibles for Internationalization

  1. UR International Office

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