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For your stay in germany, it is obligatory to take care of some formalities. You will need to register your new adress and sign up for the obligatory broadcasting fee.

Registration of Address

After arriving in Germany you have a deadline of 14 days to register your new address at the Citizen's Office. To register your address, you will need a form called "Wohnraumbestätigung". It is a confirmation of your landlord. After the registration you will receive a confirmation. Some banks might ask you to bring this confirmation.

If your address changes within Regensburg, you will also need to declare this at the Citizen's Office.

Please refer to the links below to obtain the needed forms:

⇒ Registration form Regensburg (in German only)

Housing confirmation form - "Wohnraumbestätigung" (in German only)


Citizen's Office adresses and contact:

⇒ Citizen's Office Regensburg (registration for EU citizens)

Dept. Foreign Affairs (registration for Non-EU citizens)

Foreign Affairs


If you are a non-EU citizen, you should check the visa regulations before your arrival. The Federal Foreign Office in Germany and the German Embassies in your country provide information and forms.

Federal Foreign Office - Visa regulations

Residence Permit

Whether you need a residence permit for Germany as a student or visiting scholar depends on your nationality and the duration of your stay.

EU citizens and citizens from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway only need to register with the registration office within three months of entering Germany and provide information on the purpose of their stay.

International guests from non-EU countries usually need an entry permit and apply for a residence permit at the responsible immigration office within three months of entry (or before any visa expires).

Responsible authorities*

Bürgerbüro Stadtmitte:

Dr.-Martin-Luther-Straße 3,

93047 Regensburg

Amt für Integration, Migration -

Abteilung Ausländerangelegenheiten:

Maximilianstraße 26,

93047 Regensburg

Studierende aus Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Union Studierende aus Ländern außerhalb der Europäischen Union
⇒ Citizen's Office Regensburg Dept. Foreign Affairs

*This adresses are relevant for citizens living in Regensburg City. Persons with an address in Regensburg county (Landkreis) refer to the other relevant Citizen's Offices.


To study at the University of Regensburg, it is obligatory to be enrolled (In Germany "Einschreibung" or "Immatrikulation"). Without enrollment, it is not possible to visit classes.

Once you are enrolled, you will be notified at the end of every semester to pay the semester fee. If you do so, your enrollment will renew automatically and you can validate your students-id card at the validation points.

Researchers at the UR can also enroll. Visiting scholars and doctoral candidates are advised by the Welcome Center.

If you need translations of documents, you can search for a translator under the following links: 

Regensburg Translators

⇒ Database: Justice Translators

Broadcasting Licence Fee

Every household in Germany has to pay the monthly broadcasting licence fee. The fee covers a huge amount of the expenditures of the public broadcasting services, to ensure their independence. 

The following videos explain everything you need to know about the broadcasting fee:

What is it all about?



How can I register?


How can I deregister?


Health Insurance

To live and study in Germany, a health insurance is obligatory!

Statutory health insurance

Some countries have a social insurance agreement (EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Turkey). If your homecountry provides a insurance agreement, you do not need an additional health insurance.

If you come from Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro or Tunesia, we highly recommend a statutory health insurance! Germany and these countries provide a insurance agreement, that is covering emergencys only!

Students from non-EU states have the opportunity to make an insurance when arriving at the university. If you already made an insurance in your homecountry, that covers your stay in Germany, ask your insurance company for certificates.

Participants of the german class need to note special regulations. Please contact the corresponding advisors at the International Office.

International Office - Contacts


The European Health Insurance Card EHIC has standardized characteristics and is valid in every European state. It replaces the foreign health insurance certificate.

The card is valid for the use of public health services only!

⇒ Further Information (in German)

Private health insurance

If you need a private health insurance and need more Informations, contact the International Office. The insurance needs to be accepted by the Foreigner's Office.

International Office - Contacts

Information for Researchers and PhD Candidates

Researchers at the UR can also enroll. Visiting scholars and doctoral candidates are advised by the Welcome Center.

Customer service points of some insurances:

AOK Bayern:

Bruderwöhrdstraße 9, 93055 Regensburg

Frau Alina Schenkl
Tel. 09181 401-333

Herr Michael Weigert
Tel. 0941 79606-886


D.-Martin-Luther-Straße 8, 93047 Regensburg

Frau Grundler

0160 90456673


DAK-Gesundheit in Regensburg:

Residenzstraße 2, 93047 Regensburg

Herr Naumann

Tel. +49 911 249204-1108

         +49 173 601 3923


Die Techniker:

Am Biopark 13 (Büro am Uni-Campus), 93053 Regensburg

Herr Theurer

Tel. 0151 14534805


Laboratory and Accident insurance

Special insurances for internships

If you do an internship, ask your supervisor for Informations. There might be different regulations!

Accident and Liability insurance

If you are enrolled at the UR, you are automatically insured for accidents on your way home and to the university. We highly recommend an additional liability insurance!

⇒ Informations on liability insurances

Laboratory insurance

Please ask your supervisor, if a laboratory insurance is recommended for you.

⇒ Information on laboratory insurances

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