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How much money do i need for one month of living in Regensburg?

Overall, most students need a minimum of €850,-  for a living, the rental fee for accomodation included.

For the whole semester, you will have to expect additional expenses of €100,- for Books and €50,- for other material as well as €160,- (07/2020) for the semester fee. In Germany, every household has to pay a fee of €17,50 per month for using Television and Radio.

Dormitory rooms usually cost between €250,- and €300,- per month.

Rooms on the general housing market can cost up to €500,- or €600,-.

Bank account

When living in Germany, a bank account is mandatory. You will need the account to pay for rents, health insurance and many other important fees.

Which documents are necessary to open a bank account?

International Students need:

  • ID Card or Passport (with Visa)
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Many banks only offer online-acounts. You will receive additional information at your arrival.

Guest Researchers and PhD Candidates need their employment contract or the invitation letter of their supervisor.

Visiting researchers and PhD Candidates may  have different conditions: Please contact the Welcome Center for further information.  

⇒ Useful terminologies for your meeting at the bank

Payments in Germany

In Germany, cash is the most importantand common way to pay. Many smaller shops, like butchers or bakerys only take cash. In Supermarkets or normal shops, you can pay with your EC- or Creditcard. Payments via ApplePay or GooglePay are not common, but many shops start to offer it, even if it is not always working.


Degree-seeking students can apply for a variety of funds. You will find more information on our website "Pursuing a Degree Program".

⇒ Grants and Scholarship search for degree-seeking students (Link!)

Exchange students and interns coming to UR for a short stay, must retrieve information about founding directly at their home University.

  1. UR International Office

Coming to Regensburg

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