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Maximiliane Weishäupl

I am a PhD student advised by Juliane Krämer.


  • Committing Authenticated Encryption: Sponges vs. Block-Ciphers in the case of the NIST LWC Finalists
    Juliane Krämer, Patrick Struck, and Maximiliane Weishäupl
    IACR ePrint archive 2023/1525
  • Constructing Committing and Leakage-Resilient Authenticated Encryption
    Patrick Struck and Maximiliane Weishäupl
    Tosc 2024
    IACR ePrint archive 2024/190


  • Committing Authenticated Encryption
    36th Crypto-Day@UR, Regensburg, Germany, 05/2023
  • Committing Authenticated Encryption
    AaA7, Regensburg, Germany, 03/2023

  1. Faculty of Informatics and Data Science

Maximiliane Weishäupl

Room 614
Bajuwarenstraße 4

Tel. 0941 / 9 43 68614
Email maximiliane.weishaeupl@ur.de