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Samed Düzlü

I am a PhD Student advised by Juliane Krämer.

Research interests

My research focuses on mathematical analysis of modern cryptographic schemes. Specifically, I'm working on the theory of algebraic lattices, isogenies and codes.

A further area of interest of mine is the construction of codes using various mathematical objects.



  • Applications of Automorphic Forms to Cryptographic Lattice Problems
    Arithmetik an der A7 (AaA7), online, 03/2021
  • BUFFing up Signatures - The analysis of FALCON
    32. Krypto-Tag
    15. Januar 2021
    1st Digital Summit, Germany
  • Reduction of Module Lattices
    YRCS, online, 10/2020



  • Post-Quantum Kryptographie - summer term 2020

Bachelor Thesis

  • Georg Wurst
    Number Theoretic Codes and their application in cryptography (in German)
    joint with Prof. Dr. Bruinier

Master Thesis

  • Michael Schaller,
    Codes from Fibered Surfaces,
    joint with Prof. Dr. Bruinier

Academic services

External Reviewer

  • TECS 2022
  • AfricaCRYPT 2022
  • VLSID 2022
  • ESORICS 2021

  1. Faculty of Informatics and Data Science

Samed Düzlü

Room 614
Bajuwarenstraße 4

Tel. 0941 / 9 43 68605
Email samed.duzlu@ur.de