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eBooks on Demand

With the service „eBooks on Demand“  (EOD) everyone can order the digitization of complete books. The order can be placed via the Regensburg Catalogue or Gateway Bayern. The order button appears for every monographs in public domain from the holdings of the Regensburg University Library and the Regensburg State Library published between 1501 and 1931.

Dr. Albert Schroeder (phone: 0941 943-3903) will be happy to answer your questions about this service.

How does the eBooks on Demand service work?

The user orders the desired book via the EOD link in the Regensburg catalogue ("Order and more") or the EOD button in Gateway Bayern (binding order or price enquiry). The book is then scanned with high resolution on special book scanners. Depending on the condition of the original, automatic text recognition is then carried out and the digital images are merged into a single file in PDF format. Please note that automatic text recognition (OCR) does not produce completely correct results and inaccuracies may occur, especially with older books.

Use your standard software (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) to read the eBook on the screen, zoom into the image or navigate through the whole book. You can print out individual pages or the whole book and copy the full text directly into a word processing programme.


Please note: Books are only scanned in full. The total price is calculated by multiplying the number of scans by the price per scan. This number only corresponds approximately to the number of pages of a work, because we also scan covers, endpapers etc. which are usually not numbered. Therefore the number of scans usually exceeds the number of pages.

The price is 10,00 € plus 0,16 €/page, the reduced price for members of the University of Regensburg 10,00 € plus 0,08 €/page. You can pay for your eBook directly by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB) or with "Click and buy" by direct debit, credit card, invoice or prepaid. Users of the University Library of Regensburg with a valid library card can also pay cash in the MultiMediaCentre of the Central Library. Members of the University of Regensburg can also have the costs charged to a university cost centre.


We try to digitize and deliver the book within a week, provided it is available in the library. If it takes longer to finish your order, we will inform you. Directly after the payment our ebook is available to you for download as standard. This link remains for two months.

Dispatch on CD-ROM or DVD (depending on the size of the file) costs an extra charge of € 6.00 + € 1.25 per CD/DVD for Germany and Europe and € 8.00 + € 1.25 per CD/DVD for the rest of the world. If you fetch it yourself in the Multimedia Resource Center in the central library of the University Library, the delivery costs are of course dropped.

Ebooks bought via EOD may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. With your order you accept the general standard terms and conditions. It isn’t possible to return ebooks.


In addition to digitization the ebook can be ordered as a reprint. For that you can also use the EOD link in the Regensburg Catalogue or in Gateway Bayern.

The scans will be processed and adjusted to the needs of Amazon, the print-on-demand service provider. Thus one can already order more than 900 reprints of the EOD network via Amazon.

EOD search engine

The EOD search engine contains at the moment more than 6.2 million catalogue entries from 37 European libraries. It displays both books which are freely available as digital copies as well as those which can be ordered for digitisation.

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