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FAQ: Multimedia Resource Centre

Multimediazentrum, MMZ

Which media can I digitize in the MMZ?

The Multimedia Resource Centre offers different possibilities for digitizing printed and micro material as well as slides depending on the type and quality of the original.

The following print, audio, and video media can be digitized for academic purposes in the scanner room of the MMZ (central library room 519A):

  • Books up to format DIN A2, black & white as well as color
  • Printed originals up to DIN A0, maps, posters and site maps
  • Microfilms and microfiches
  • Transmissive material up to DIN A4, X-rays and medium format films
  • Slides and negatives
  • Lose paper stacks (e.g. single sheets, lecture scripts) up to DIN A3
  • Tapes, records, and audio cassettes
  • Video tapes of various formats

How can I digitize?

After being instructed by the Multimedia Resource Centre staff how to use the various devices you can start digitizing. Which device may be used, is determined by lists, it is advisable to make a reservation 1-2 days in advance.

You can make the reservation by e-mail, phone or in person with the MMZ team.

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