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General information

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday:

09:00 - 12:00

14:00 - 16:00

Additional appointments by arrangement.

Site plan MultiMediaCenter

The MultiMediaCenter is located in the Central Library, close to the main entrance:

Karte Multimediazentrum

1. CIP-Pool BIB3

Scanner room

Room 5.19 A, URwalking

Scanning Books

Scanning microfiches and microfilms

High-resolution Scanning up to A3

Scanning Large Format Documents

Scanning slides and translucent media units

Scanning scripts and paper batches


Room 5.19 B, URwalking

Gabriele Gerber



Room 5.19 C, URwalking

Yvonne Schützenmeier

Workstation for the blind/visually impaired

Video digitization


Room 5.19 D, URwalking

Vicky Schirmer

Audio digitization

Regensburg archive for advertising research


Room 5.06 A, URwalking

Matthias Hartmann

MMZ technical office

UB-Seminar Room, URwalking

(Level 6)

8. InformationURwalking

You can reach the MultiMediaCenter barrier-free via the Audimax passageway, for example. Then take the elevator from level Fo (exit Forum) to level E (Central Library). You can find further barrier-free access options via URwalking.

Contact Persons

E-Mail: mmz@ur.de, fax: 0941 943-1569

Gabriele Gerber
Room 519 B, Central Library, ground floor
E-Mail: gabriele.gerber@ur.de
Phone: 0941 943-1608, -3436
Gabriele Gerber
Matthias Hartmann
Technical equipment, user support, service for the visually impaired and blind
Room 506 A, Central Library, ground floor
E-Mail: matthias.hartmann@ur.de
Phone: 0941 943-1553

Tobias Obermayr

Audio and video digitization, user support
Room 519 D, Central Library, ground floor
E-Mail: tobias.obermayr@ur.de
Phone: 0941 943-1606

Tobias Obermayr

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