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Documentation by value

An R package to ensure reproducibility of microarray-based classification signatures

DOCVAL - Dcocumentation by Value

docval is an R/Bioconductor compliant package allowing to document preprocessing parameters from normalization as well as from probe-set summary as needed on Affymetrix platforms. This enables users to generate classification signatures which are reproducible on data generated after the study used to learn the signature. Moreover, it enables investigators of very large studies to normalize their data in several batches without loosing comparability over time.


Microarray Based Diagnosis Profits from Better Documentation of Gene Expression Signatures
Dennis Kostka and Rainer Spang
PLoS Computational Biology

2008 Feb 15;4(2):e22.

[ PMID: 18282081 | doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.0040022 ]


Download the current R packages from our site. You will need Bioconductor meta data packages on the platform of which you want to work with and several other preprocessing packages like affy.

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  2. Institute of Functional Genomics