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Consultation hour Prof. Dr Angela Ganter

Prof. Dr Angela Ganter's consultation hours take place on Thursdays between 1 and 2 p.m. by appointment in person (office PT 3.1.49), digitally via Zoom or by telephone. To make an appointment, please write an email to Marion Pinkawa (marion.pinkawa@geschichte.uni-regensburg.de) stating your preferred date and time and your preferred means of communication. Mrs Pinkawa will then assign you an appointment and, if necessary, a Zoom link.

Exercise: Professions for scholars of antiquity

Every summer term, we offer a career-oriented exercise especially for students of Classics.

Master's programme "Ancient History – Classical Studies“

The new Master's programme "Ancient History – Classical Studies" started in the winter semester 2021/22 at the University of Regensburg.

For more information click here.

Christmals Lecture 23 December 2021

Navis Lusoria 'Regina' on the Naab again

After a year and a half of corona break, our faithful replica navis lusoria 'Regina' is back on the river at the Naabspitz in Mariaort. In addition to the first school classes that visited us, we were also able to carry out some trips as part of a student exercise. On 8 July, a team from the Mittelbayerische Zeitung accompanied us:

(By clicking on one of the pictures you will get to the video report of the MZ).

Groups/school classes interested in a trip should contact the project leader Dr Heinrich Konen (+49 941 943 3716 or heinrich.konen@ur.de).

Exam Preparation Ancient History

You can find the dates of the state examination preparation in Ancient History in SPUR; more detailed information can also be found in the GRIPS course "State Examination Preparation Ancient History WS 22".

Former latest news are available in our archive.


Upcoming lectures and events of the chair can be found in the calendar of events.

Ancient History Colloquium of the summer term 2022:

Holiday Consultation Hours

Holiday Consultation Hours

Prof. Dr. Angela Ganter

24 Februar 2022 1 - 2 pm

17 März 2022 1 - 2 pm

7 April 2022 1 - 2 pm

… and by appointment. Please make an appointment with Mrs Marion Pinkawa.

Dr. Oliver Grote

by appointment

Dr. Heinrich Konen

by appointment

Katharina Bucher M.A.

by appointment

Adrian Linz

23. Februar 2022 3 - 4 pm

2. März 2022 3 - 4 pm

30. März 2022 3 - 4 pm

… and by appointment. Please send an Email.

Chair of Ancient History


Prof. Dr. Angela Ganter

Ganter Fotobearb4

Gebäude PT, Zi. 3.1.49

Telefon: 0941/943 - 3538

Email to Prof. Dr. Ganter

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