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Before Departure

We hope that you have had a wonderful stay in Regensburg and that your research, teaching or doctoral work at the UR as been successful!

Would you like to stay in touch with the UR after your stay?

⇒ Refer to the Alumni Network of University Regensburg

Before leaving, please take care of the following steps:


  • Deregister your address with the City of Regensburg:
    • When: No earlier than 1 week before departure (or two weeks after departure, but before is easier)
    • Where: EU Citizens submit the deregistration form to the Bürgerbüro.
    • Non-EU Citizens submit the deregistration form to the Immigration Office.
    • How: Please submit the document “Abmeldeformular” to the respective authority (available at the Welcome Center)
    • You will receive a deregistration confirmation, or “Abmeldebestätigung.” This should be submitted to the ARD/ ZDF Broadcasting fee service.
  • Communicate with your bank and close your German bank account
  • Ex-matriculation at the Registrar’s Office (if applicable)
  • Notify Kindergarten, Schools, etc.
  • Deregister with the ARD/ZDF Broadcasting Fee (Beitragsservice)
    • Please do not forget to deregister from the Broadcasting Fee.         

Video Tutorial for deregistration under "Fomalities"

Cancelling contracts

  •  Apartment and deposit
    • Terminate the lease of your apartment/room. You have to terminate the lease between one and three months prior to your departure. Please check your contract for further information.
    • Make an appointment with your landlady/-lord to inspect the flat and hand over the keys.
    • Check your contract and talk to the landlady/-lord about how to get your security deposit back.

NOTE: If anything in the flat got damaged while you were living there, the landlady/-lord can keep a part or even all of the deposit to cover the costs.

  • Cancel phone and mobile phone contracts
  • Cancel all other contracts and insurances on time

Getting deposits returned/Returning keys

  • Return all keys
  • Return your Cafeteria Card at the office "Servicebüro Mensa" to get back your 10€ deposit.

  1. UR International Office

Teaching and Research at the UR


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