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Lecture: Political Art at the U.S.-Mexico Border - Markus Heide (Hildesheim / Uppsala)

Political Art at the U.S.-Mexico Border

15 Januar, 10-12, via Zoom

The visualization of geographic and national borderlines has emerged as a central concern in the interdisciplinary field of border studies. Nation state borders are visualized through material constructions, through on-site sign systems and through representations of material objects, rituals of control, and social life in border regions. Researchers have explored how nation state borders are made visible, as material objects in landscapes, urban settings, airports and seaports, and researchers have examined the representation of nation state borders in the media, art, film, or literature. Such visually marked and materialized geographic lines (as in border architecture and design) and such images of national boundaries (as they circulate in our mediascapes) are shaped by political, ethical and aesthetic considerations. My paper will explore the politics of art projects on the US-Mexico border. I will contextualize the projects in the history of US-Mexico border art.
Markus Heide, Dr. habil., is associate professor at the University of Hildesheim and affiliated researcher at the Swedish Institute for North-American Studies (SINAS) at Uppsala University. His recent research concentrates on Inter-American relations (USA, Canada, Mexico) and the US-Mexico border (history and current situation). In this context he co-edited Hemispheric Encounters: The Early United States in Transnational Perspective (2015) and published contributions on border film, border art, and popular culture in academic journals in the US and Europe. In 2017 and 2018 he was visiting research fellow at the Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies (CILAS) at UC San Diego, doing research and field work for his project on The US-Mexico Borderlands as Contested Space: Film, Art, and Popular Culture.


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