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Course Guidance

From creating a class schedule to writing term papers: independence is highly valued in German studies. Nevertheless, difficulties or uncertainties may arise from time to time.
At the German Department, we make sure that you receive answers to your questions through various channels:

  • For questions about contents, exam regulations and courses of the different areas, please contact the subject-specific advisory service
  • For Questions about your study plan, changing your major or course, understanding module catalogs or navigating exam regulations within the field of German Studies, please contact the program coordinator
  • For inquiries about selecting a major and about general academic challenges unrelated to German studies, please contact the Central Department for Course Counseling.

Are you looking for advice on academic writing?

You can seek individual advice at the ZSK’s Writing Center. They identify your writing needs and offer support; they also offer courses, ranging from weekly sessions to brief workshops.

The “Orthografie- und Normberatungsstelle” of ZSK (Center of Language and Communication) is available for questions about German spelling and punctuation as well as text formatting and design.   

Please also see the websites of the different areas for information on citation, formatting etc.

The booklet „Bremer Schreibcoach“ is a good resource to help you with writing papers.

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