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Degree Programs

Degrees in German Studies

You can study 'German', 'German Philology' or 'German Studies' in various degree programs:

  • Lehramt an Grundschulen (Teacher training for elementary schools)
  • Lehramt an Haupt-/Mittelschulen (Teacher training for secondary schools, grades 5–9 or 10 with an emphasis on practical and vocational subjects)
  • Lehramt an Realschulen (Teacher training for secondary schools, grades 5–10 with an emphasis on practical and vocational subjects yet more academically oriented than Haupt-/Mittelschule)
  • Lehramt an Gymnasien (Teacher training for secondary schools, grades 5–13 with a focus on academic training)
  • Bachelor Deutsche Philologie (B.A. German Philology)
  • Master Germanistik (M.A. German Studies)
  • Zusatzausbildungen (Additional Certificate Programs)

The structure of each program is always based on the structure of the subject: all programs include aspects of literary history, literary studies, linguistics and language history.

Interdisciplinary Master's Programs

Various areas of the German Department cooperate with other disciplines. Currently, Modern German Literary Studies is involved in the Master's program in General and Comparative Literature, Medieval German Literary Studies in the Master's program in Cultural History of the Middle Ages, and German Linguistics and the professorship of German as a Second Language in the Master's program in Multilingualism and Regionality.

Study and Examination Regulations, Module Descriptions

Please Note: Every student at the University of Regensburg needs to be familiar with the study and examination regulations and the module descriptions of their program (usually, the latest version adopted prior to enrollment is applicable). These specify the courses, contents and exams contained in a module and they are legally binding.
If you have any questions or difficulties in understanding the regulations, the program coordinator or our advisors will be happy to assist you.

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