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How do I determine the rank of a journal according to the Journal Impact Factor?

Journals with a Journal Impact Factor (JIF) are listed in the database Journal Citation Reports (JCR) of Clarivate Analytics (formerly at ISI/Thomson Reuters). Each journal is assigned to one or more subject areas (categories). If all journals within a subject area are sorted in descending order according to the impact factor, the rank within a subject area can be specified for a journal.

Since the impact factor is re-determined annually and the list of journals in a subject area can change from year to year, a ranking is specific to a year. If a journal is assigned to more than one subject areas, it has several ranks, one for each subject area.

Rank information usually includes both the rank in absolute numbers (e.g. rank 4 of 121 journals in the subject area) and the quartile in which the journal is located (e.g. quartile 1/Q1).

What is the practical procedure?

Search the database Journal Citation Reports for the desired journal, in this case Pediatric Diabetes. Two categories are listed for the journal.

JCR categories

Further down on the page, select the option "Rank" and you will receive a table with the journal's rankings for the individual years and categories. For Pediatric Diabetes this is 2016:

  • ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM: Rank 30 of 138 journals (Quartile 1)
  • PEDIATRICS: Rank 4 of 121 journals (Quartile 1)

JCR Rank Data

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