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Digital Newspapers

As a member of the University of Regensburg (employees and students) you have full access to numerous online newspapers. The University Library regularly updates its campus licenses for the following newspapers among others (IP check, no password required)

UBR Newspapers

A list of all the newspapers to which you have access at the University Library of Regensburg can be found on the Database-Infosystem (DBIS) under "UBR Zeitungen" (UBR Newspapers).


The Database Nexis includes information on the press and media, business and finance as well as information about important political and economic figures, current events, news items, and much more. Here you can search and read full articles from today's headlines (and back issues) from thousands of journals, magazines and newspapers, including e.g. The Guardian, The Independent, The New York Times, American Banker, El País, Le Figaro, Le Monde.

onlinenewspapers.com - Newspapers from Around the World

Onlinenewspapers.com is a comprehensive site with links to thousands of newspaper websites from all over the globe.


Paperball provides links to current articles from German and English sources (e.g. daily newspapers, weekly periodicals, press releases) that you can read for free.

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