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Print Newspapers

The Central Library has a collection of national and international newspapers.

The current week's issues can be found in the General Reading Room (6th floor) in the newspaper reading section. Back issues from the last four to six weeks can be ordered from the circulation or information desks at the Central Library. They are available for brief short-term loans for skimming or making copies.

Older back issues are bound and archived in the newspaper repository in the Law and Economics Building.

Bound newspaper volumes cannot be borrowed. To make copies the large-format volumes have to be taken apart and then reassembled. This task is performed by media specialists in the central library's copy office. To make sure that the volumes get to the proper spot, place them in the designated area near the entrance of the textbok collection or in the newspaper repository. Insert a copy slip into the volume with your user number on it and make sure the slip is visible. The next day you can go to the copy office where you will find the volumes prepared for you. You can then make Xerox copies yourself.

The copy office is located on the 4th floor of the Central Library (room 4.59), which can be accessed via the spiral staircase in the information centre located on the 5th floor.

You can also make scans. You can borrow individual issues or numbers briefly from the copy office in order to scan articles using the scanners in the information centre.

In some cases newspapers are not archived in print format but are transferred to microfilm, microfiche or CD-ROM. You can tell in which format the papers are stored based on the first digits in their Regensburg Catalogue shelfmark:

Shelfmark: Medium:
00/AZ ... Paper
28/AZ ... Microfilm
29/AZ ... Microfiche

For example, all the back issues of "Süddeutsche Zeitung", "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" and "Die Zeit" up to 1994 are available on microfilm and can be ordered fromt the library holdings. You will find the specific reading devices for the different media in the information centre at the central library. At the Multimedia Resource Centre you can also get digital copies made.

Historical Regensburg Newspapers

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