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SMART Boards

You want to prepare a joint presentation and the five of you have to huddle in front of a 12 inch notebook? Keep it simple, stupid!

The SMART Board is a mixture of blackboard, beamer and touchscreen and facilitates group work.

It can be operated directly with your finger or with a special digital pen. The Smart Notebook 18 software is installed on the connected computer. With this software, the functions of a SMART Board can be fully utilized. Create presentations or mind maps even faster and more creatively. With the help of integrated add-ons, you can create learning games such as cloze tests or matching exercises that can be used in school lessons.

Here you can use SMART Boards without a reservation:

Information Center, Central Library  

Reading Room Mathematics             

Reading Room Physics                      

Reading Room Economics                  

StATUR, University Hospital

Getting started with the SMART Board (SMARTtech YouTube channel, only in German)

Instruction SMART Notebook 18 (PDF, only in German)

Instructional materials (by other SMART Board users, only in German)

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