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SMART Boards

SMART Boards are available at the following locations:

  • Information Center, Central Library (URwalking)
  • Reading Room Mathematics (URwalking)
  • Reading Room Physics (URwalking)
  • Reading Room Economics (URwalking)
  • StATUR, University Hospital

You can use the SMART Boards without reservation.
The SMART Board is a mixture of blackboard, beamer and touchscreen. It can be operated directly with your finger or with a special digital pen.
Just like a smartphone, you can click, scroll and zoom on the SMART Board with your fingers. With the digital pens you can annotate what is displayed on the screen.

With the SMART Notebook program you have many more design options and can, for example, create mindmaps and save them as PDF files.
Thus the SMART Boards offer very good possibilities for group work.
SMART Boards are being used more and more in schools and are suitable for students preparing for internships or traineeships.


  • Turn on the computer.
  • Switch on the beamer by hand or remote control.
  • Switch on the SMART Board.
  • Mouse and keyboard can still be used, in addition to direct input on the SMART Board.
  • Log in with your computer center account (RZ-account) using the real keyboard so that others cannot see your password entry.
  • The white area is not a conventional board, but a touch screen. Only use the electronic pens that come with it, even whiteboard markers can destroy the board surface!

The SMART Board as large touch screen

  • Your finger is the mouse: tapping the surface with your finger is equivalent to a single mouse click, double quick tapping is equivalent to a double click. If you press the right button with the mouse logo on the board, the following tapping on the board is equivalent to a right-click.
  • For example, you can view web pages or a program together.
  • If the SMART Board does not respond correctly to touch, you can recalibrate it using the crosshair button. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

The SMART Board as beamer

Use the SMART Board as a conventional beamer to, for example, show a PowerPoint presentation.

The SMART Board as work surface for group work

  • Create files together, for example in PowerPoint, Word or the SMART Notebook software.
  • You can use the pens to add annotations, handwritten notes, arrows, graphics, underlining, etc. to an existing PowerPoint or Word file.
  • Record your brainstorming in mind maps.
  • Use the pen to annotate and highlight programs, screenshots, or web pages.
  • Collaboratively edit scripts with Adobe Reader or the SMART Ink Document Viewer and save your annotations directly in the document.

The SMART Notebook program

  • The SMART Notebook 18 software is installed on the SMART Board PC. With this software, the functions of a SMART Board can be utilized to the full.
  • You can also install the SMART Notebook 18 software on your own computer free of charge to prepare and post-process your documents. You can find the software in the computer center's software catalog. You can also request the license key from the computer center.
  • Create presentations or mind maps even faster and more creatively.
  • Move objects or words during brainstorming and resize them to change contexts or focus.
  • Include graphics, web pages or videos.
  • Use the pen to convert written text into computer writing or mathematical formulas.
  • Use built-in add-ons to create learning games such as cloze texts, assignment or sequencing exercises that can be used in school lessons.
  • Save your work results, e.g. as PDF or PowerPoint file.


Contact persons on site

Information center:  
Theresa Riedhammer
0941 943-2966

Elisabeth Sandner
0941 943-3959

Reading Rooms Mathematics, Physics:
Dr. Gernot Deinzer
0941 943-2759

Reading Room Economics:
Harald Haeberlein
0941 943-4244


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