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Workstations for the visually impaired and blind

The University Library offers visually impaired and blind university members computer workstations equipped with special technology.

The workstation for the blind is equipped with a "Braille display" which converts the text on the screen line by line into Braille. In addition, a program for reading the screen contents out loud and a scanner with voice output are available.

At the workstation for visually impaired people you will find a large screen and special enlargement programs. There is also a reader that enlarges printed text with the help of a video camera and displays it on the screen.

Both computer workstations are integrated into the university's network and thus also connected to the Internet.

In addition, the MultiMediaCenter offers blind and visually impaired students and staff the opportunity to have documents from the library's holdings scanned in various text and image formats free of charge. On request, we can also provide the materials as audio files.

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