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Health Insurance

To authorize residence permit, German Immigration law requires that you provide proof of sufficient health insurance for the lenght of your stay in Germany. Normally this is fulfilled if you take out German compulsory health insurance.

 0br1253Students from countries with which the Federal Republic of Germany has social security agreements, and who possess the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are exempted.

Germany has social security agreements with the following countries: all EU-members, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Tunisia*, Turkey*, Bosnia-Herzegovina*, Croatia*, Macedonia*, Serbia and Montenegro*.

*limited social security agreement: for more information contact the international office

Students from all other countries must either take out the German compulsory health insurance or provide proof that for their stay in the country they do have appropriate coverage.

Unfortunately, health insurance policies which have maximum limits for the benefits provided cannot be accepted. The decision whether to accept an individual case on the basis that sufficient coverage exists lies with the immigration authorities.


The monthly cost to take out compulsory health insurance is around € 90. For students of some countries, this is surely  more expensive than to take out private overseas health insurance. However, the advantage is that in the case of illness you do not need to pay anything in advance (which would be reimbursed from the health insurance in your home country). Instead, the expenses are billed directly between the doctor and health insurance. You should not disregard this matter, taking into account that a one-day hospital stay could cost up to €350!

We therefore recommend that, if you come from a country that has no social security agreement with Germany, you take out the compulsory health insurance!

What if I have private health insurance?

In the case you already have private health insurance from your home country, please take into account that, according to German immigration law, your health insurance must include the following benefits:

  • medical and dentistry treatment
  • provision of medicine, bandages, and other medical supplies
  • hospital treatment
  • medical care for rehabilitation and
  • medical care for pregnancy and birth;
  • In addition, there must be no maximum limits set for the scope of benefits.

The above-mentioned benefits must be included in your health insurance and must be listed in your health insurance certificate.  The health insurance certificate must be either in German or in English.

Please contact the International Office with a scan of your insurance policy and list of benefits before you sign a contract. We can then tell you if the policy will be accepted by the authorities.

When can I take out the compulsory health insurance

Image Auslaendische Studierende Ar _51_Pre-requisite: To take out compulsory health insurance you need to be admitted at a university.

Exchange students can take out the compulsory health insurance presenting the letter of admission right after they arrive in Germany. However, they are only covered from the first day of enrolment.


If you are going to participate in the preparatory German language intensive course, we recommend that you take out private travel insurance for either the month of March or September, since these two months are not covered with the compulsory health insurance. Please contact us if the German consulate in your home country expects that you take out a private health insurance for the whole length of your stay in Germany.

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