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Health Insurance

All international students need to have sufficient health insurance to be enrolled at the University of Regensburg and, if applicable, to apply for a German residence permit!


Exchange students, who have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), do not have to take out health insurance in Germany. The card allows you to get state-provided medically necessary treatments in all EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. However, this does not mean that treatments are offered for free. Please make sure to bring your EHIC with you upon arrival in Regensburg.

Students from the United Kingdom who have a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) also do not need to take out health insurance in Germany. Your GHIC allows you to get state-provided medically necessary treatments, often at a reduced cost and sometimes even for free.

Please note that neither EHIC nor GHIC can be used as an alternative to travel insurance. We therefore recommend you to additionally take out a private travel insurance for your stay abroad.

Further information about the EHIC


Exchange students from Turkey who have a so-called AT-11 do not need to take out health insurance in Germany due to a social insurance agreement between Germany and Turkey. Please make sure to bring your AT-11 with you upon arrival.

Statutory Health Insurance

Exchange students, or program students, who need to take out statutory health insurance in Germany (e.g. Non-EU citizens), can immediately do so after arrival presenting their letter of acceptance. Please note that your coverage starts on the first day of enrolment (winter semester: from October 1st; summer semester: from April 1st)

The monthly membership fee is approximately 110€. Expenses are billed directly between doctors and insurance.

We therefore recommend that, if you come from a country that has no social security agreement with Germany, you take out statutory health insurance.


If you are planning to participate in the preparatory German intensive language course before the start of the Semester (March/September), we recommend that you take out private travel insurance as these months are not covered by statutory health insurance.

Private health insurance

If you are older than 30 years, you need to take out private health insurance. Please contact the International Office before taking out any insurance as private insurances need to fulfill certain criteria to be accepted by the foreigners’ registration office Regensburg.

Contact Exchange Students

For general information on health insurance and social security agreements as well as other insurances (liability, laboratory insurance), please see Living in Regensburg: Formalities.

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