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Our research adds a new emphasis on microfluidic, electrochemical, and biological sensors as well as focus on sample preparation procedures and novel nanomaterial development to the Institute. Integrated with strong expertise in optical sensing and 2D nanomaterial development already existing in our institute through the groups and research of PD Axel Dürkop and Dr. Thomas Hirsch, our four main areas of research are


(a) microTAS and lab-on-a-chip development,

(b) bioanalytical systems based on nanomaterials,

(c) development of sensitive sensor technologies.

(d) investigation of sample preparation technologies


We are cooperating with a number of research teams in national and international projects for the advancement of (bio)sensors. Check out our current projects of SciFiMed, POCT-NeutCov, MalHIvPOCTNewPOC and NanoNeutVir.


 Our biosensors and microfluidic systems, are novel devices that exhibit extremely high sensitivity, very high specificity and, ultimately, simplicity of use. Overlooked in the mainstream bioanalytical sensor research is the need for real-world application of the sensing systems. This is in part due to the extreme variability of sample matrices (ranging from hamburger meat to apple cider, from surface water to manure, from whole blood to saliva) and the difficulty of specifically identifying cells and proteins within these matrices. Microfluidic and fiber-based sample preparation modules are therefore part of our research efforts.


Consequently, addressing real-world challenges such as combating HIV/AIDS in resource-limited countries, providing tools for ensuring safe water and food, developing diagnostic tools for rapid and inexpensive testing are driving forces of our research. For example, biosensors we developed are capable of detecting Cryptosporidium parvum at a level of only 1 organism per sample, E. coli at 40 organisms/ml and Dengue virus at 10 pfu/ml.


Checkout more information by clicking on the links provided on the left-hand side or contact us by e-mail (antje.baeumner(at)ur.de)


We welcome student researchers at all levels and international visitors to our team who are interested in (bio)sensor and functional nanomaterial-related research - get in contact with us if you are looking for internships, thesis projects or long-term research stays.

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Prof. Dr. Antje Baeumner

Institute of Analytical Chemistry,
Chemo- and Biosensors


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