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East-West Studies - Europe in Discourse M.A.


Master of Arts

Program structure

Master of Arts: Only a single subject is usually studied. However, individual programs can be highly interdisciplinary. This means that the contents of the program may come from different fields of study.

Special features

Interdisciplinary study program with focus on two main subjects; intensive supervision; half of the students come from Eastern and half from Western Europe; practical orientation through project work; compulsory stay abroad.


The program is based on an interdisciplinary introduction to various concepts of Europe, models of European integration and inner-European East-West comparisons. In two individually selectable disciplines from the spectrum of humanities, social sciences, law and economics, a subject specialization takes place through the perspective of the inner-European East-West comparison. By choosing further disciplines, a broad foundation of knowledge about inner-European contexts is achieved. Through courses in languages from Central, Eastern or Southeastern Europe and Western Europe participants acquire foreign language skills focused on professional application. Projects are designed and implemented within the international group. In addition to project management skills, creativity, teamwork and intercultural communication are trained. A stay abroad in Central, Eastern or Southeastern Europe is compulsory for students who do not come from these countries. It can be realized in the form of a language course, an internship abroad or a study period abroad. All students can do internships as part of their studies.

Professional prospects / competencies

Qualification for work in EU authorities and other international institutions as well as in institutions and companies operating across borders.

Internships, lab courses, practical courses

Internships are recommended; all students have the opportunity to integrate a qualifying professional internship at home or abroad into their studies. The relevance attached to internships during studies is also expressed by the fact that the coordination office employs an employee who is explicitly dedicated to internship counseling.

Disciplines involved

Literary Studies*, Linguistics*, Cultural Studies*, History, Political Science, Law, Economics, Protestant Theology, Catholic Theology, Philosophy, Musicology, History of Art.

*composed of offers from Slavic Studies, German Studies, Romance Studies, English Studies and Cultural Studies

Program duration / standard period of study

The length of the program depends on the progress of an individual's studies. The standard period of study, the time in which the intended program can be finished ideally is 4 semesters. The actual time taken to complete the program may vary. It is limited by the examination deadlines set out in the examination regulations.

Program scope

120 ECTS credits

Language of instruction

Mainly German, plus at least one Eastern European and one Western European language

Program can be started

In the winter semester

What qualities do I need to have?

Interest in Europe-specific issues; interest in learning foreign languages; willingness to work in an international group; willingness to familiarize oneself with different subject areas and disciplines

Restricted admittance

The master's program does not have restricted admittance; however, you will need to pass an eligibility test in order to enroll in the program.

Legal requirements for admission

In order to be able to enroll for the master's program "East-West Studies. Europe in Discourse", you need the following prerequisites: 

  • B.A. degree or an equivalent professional degree in a subject related to social sciences, cultural studies, law or economics (at least three years)
  • Language skills (see required language certificates)

Information on the application procedure can be found on the  homepage of the Europaeum.

Application deadline(s)

The application deadline to start in the winter semester is June 15 of each year. A selection committee decides about the admission to the study program around the middle of July.

Information on the application process

Information for international applicants

Registration dates and deadlines

After a successful application (aptitude test) for the master's program "East West Studies" you can enroll. Information about the dates for enrollment and the required documents can be found on the homepage of the Registrar's Office.

Language skills needed

Language skills to be proven at the time of application:

  • Students from countries in Eastern Europe: German language skills at DSH level and one other foreign language from the European language area.
  • Students from countries in Western Europe whose native language is not German: German language skills at DSH level and one foreign language from Central, Eastern or Southeastern Europe.
  • Students whose native language is German: Proof of two foreign languages, at least one of which must be from Central, Eastern or Southeastern Europe

Information on German language certificates for foreign applicants

Documents needed (to apply / register)

  • Application form "East-West Studies. Europe in Discourse"
  • University entrance qualification
  • University degree certificate (can be submitted by the end of the 1st semester)
  • Tabular overview of subjects and grades of previous academic achievements (Transcript of Records)
  • curriculum vitae in table form
  • proof of basic knowledge of two foreign languages
  • possibly further references
  • Information for international applicants:
  • certified translation of the university entrance qualification and the university degree certificate (if not in German, English or French)
  • Proof of German language skills at B2 level (at the time of application; DSH-2 level must be proven by October)

Information on the documents required for enrollment can be found on the homepage of the Registrar's Office.

Information on the application documents for international applicants

Contact within the faculty


Kerstin Schicker
Philosophy/ Theology building, room 3.3.90
Phone +49941 943-1510
Telefax 0941 943-3923
E-Mail: ost.west@europaeum.uni-regensburg.de


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