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General and Comparative Literature M.A.


Master of Arts

Program structure

Only a single subject is usually studied. However, individual programs can be highly interdisciplinary. This means that the contents of the program may come from different fields of study.

Special features

General and Comparative Literature (AVL) in Regensburg continues the methodology of cultural studies developed in the 1920s by the art scholar Aby Warburg and the philosopher of culture Ernst Cassirer. At a time when the humanities were increasingly aligning themselves along ethnic and national borders, these scholars advocated the European idea of culture instead, focusing their academic work on its study. They endorsed, moreover, interdisciplinary exchange between different fields of knowledge, thus opposing the disintegration of the natural and human sciences.


Following its comparative task, AVL explores the similarities and differences that characterize literature throughout various cultures. Understanding the cultural influences peculiar to a certain era requires examining other forms of art as well. AVL in Regensburg emphasizes this by treating literature in the context of painting, music, dance, and architecture, thus expanding students’ knowledge of aesthetics. When examining the poetics of European literature, ancient sources are indispensable for understanding the traditions and the influences that have shaped a work of art or an epoch. Introductory courses, therefore, address fundamental texts and classical authors in the context of European culture. 
General Literature, on the other hand, is closely connected with philosophy and literary theory. Literature cannot be understood without the philosophical and scientific context to which it responds. In their own right, poets deal, for example, with philosophical questions of cognition, knowledge, consciousness, or representation.

Professional prospects / competencies

Through the study of the interdisciplinary subject of General and Comparative Literature, a correspondingly broad spectrum of professional fields opens up to graduates. Graduates find employment primarily in the following areas: Research and teaching, continuing education, publishing and press, radio and television, libraries and archives, museums and exhibitions, management consulting, management and marketing, public relations and cultural management. In the context of the emergence of a European scientific area, AVL provides an ideal forum for teaching key skills in the field of cultural management.

Internships, lab courses, practical courses

not specified

Disciplines involved

Slavic studies, German studies

Program duration / standard period of study

The length of the program depends on the progress of an individual's studies. The standard period of study, the time in which the intended program can be finished ideally is 4 semesters. The actual time taken to complete the program may vary. It is limited by the examination deadlines set out in the examination regulations.

Program scope

120 ECTS credits

Language of instruction


Program can be started

In the winter and summer semester

What qualities do I need to have?

The MA in General and Comparative Literature (AVL) is aimed at students interested in academic research and considering an academic career, as well as students opting for work in fields such as publishing, theatre, media, or in cultural institutions.

Restricted admittance

No, this program does not have restricted admission. Please note, however, that you have to take part in an eligibility test.

Legal requirements for admission

  • University degree/BA degree (minimum requirement: grade 2)
  • Letter of motivation

Application deadline(s)

Registration until July 15 at the Institute for Slavic Studies:
Prof. Dr. Dorothee Gelhard, Comparative Literature

Information for international applicants

Registration dates and deadlines

After a successful application (aptitude procedure) for the subject "General and Comparative Literature M.A." you can enroll at the Registrar's Office. Information on enrollment can be found on the homepage of the Registrar's Office.

Language skills needed

German (minimum requirement: B2) and two additional modern languages (minimum requirement: B2)

Information regarding German language proficiency for international student.

Documents needed (to apply / register)

  • University degree/BA degree (minimum requirement: grade 2)
  • Letter of motivation

Information on the application documents for international applicants.

Contact within the faculty

Your contact persons for questions regarding the study of General and Comparative Literature, the application process or the aptitude test procedure:

Direction and Academic Counseling

Prof. Dr. Dorothee Gelhard

Building: Philosophy / Theology, room PT 3.3.11
Phone 0941 943-3367
E-Mail dorothee.gelhard@sprachlit.uniregensburg.de


Elvira Friebe
Building: Philosophy / Theology, room PT 3.3.08
Phone 0941 943-3362
E-Mail Elvira1.Friebe@sprachlit.uni-regensburg.de


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