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Events and Seminars



 Upcoming Seminars (17.15 h)

25.01.2021 internal seminar
B6: Relevance of immigrating B-lymphocytes and their functional properties for the development of allograft nephropathy
C2: Complement-mediated crosstalk between tubular and interstitial cells in renal transplantation - focus on the lectin-activated pathway
01.02.2021 zoom Prof. Dr. Mario Schiffer, Erlangen
08.02.2021 internal seminar
C3: Endocrine communication of renal tubules
C4: Pathogenesis of Autosomal Dominant Tubulointerstitial Kidney Disease (ADTKD)
15.02.2021 internal seminar
C5: Epigenetic identity and plasticity of renal tubular and interstitial cells
A7: Low molecular weight proteinuria caused by a mutation of the Vesicle Associated Protein (VAP)
01.03.2020 zoom Prof. Dr. Ed Geissler, Regensburg
12.04.2021 zoom Prof. Dr. Janina Müller-Deile, Erlangen:
Cell-cell communication through miRs and circulating factors in renal diseases

Conferences and Meetings

Internal Retreat of the SFB 1350
June 11-12, 2021 in Leising/Beilngries, Germany

European Kidney Summerschool EUKISS
September 1-4, 2021 in Berlin, Germany

Kongress für NepHROlogie 2021 - 13. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Nephrologie
September 23-26, 2021 in Rostock, Germany

100th Annual Meeting of the German Physiological Society (DPG)
September 30 - October 02, 2021in Frankfurt, Germany

American Society of Nephrology (ASN), Kidney Week 2021
November 2–7, 2021 in San Diego, USA

Past Events 2021


11.01.2021 internal seminar
B2: Assessment of the structure and function of the renal interstitium by intravital multiphoton microscopy
B3: Fibronectin and its role in polycystic kidney diseases
18.01.2021 internal seminar
B4: Relevance of inflammation and fibrosis for renal regeneration
B5: Role of prolyl-hydroxylase domain enzyme inhibitors in chronic renal inflammation


Date Place Speaker
25.02.2019 Erlangen M. Daha, Leiden:
Role of complement in inflammation and renal disease.
25.03.2019 Erlangen R. Veelken, Nürnberg:
Nerven der Niere - Anatomische Kuriositäten oder wichtige Regulatoren im Herz/Kreislaufsystem?
28.03.2019 Regensburg M. Rinschen, San Diego/Köln:
Deciphering glomerular pathophysiology by
proteome-metabolome integration
08.04.2019 Regensburg F. Schneider-Warme, Freiburg:
Using light to study heterocellular interactions in the heart.
29.04.2019 Erlangen

M. Schiffer, Erlangen:
Can we heal the glomerular filtration barrier?



M. Köttgen, Freiburg:
TRPP2 ion channels and morphogenesis – lessons from polycystic kidney disease
A. Köttgen, Freiburg:
Genome-wide association studies and fine-mapping elucidate novel genes influencing albuminuria

13:00 h)

F. Ströhl and I. Opstad, Tromsø:
Advanced microscopy: Advanced microscopy at the Arctic University – from pathology to live-cell imaging

17.06.2019 Erlangen

D. Pearce, San Francisco:
Potassium secretion by the kidney tubules: a tale of two segments

18.06.2019 Regensburg

H.-J. Gröne, Heidelberg:
Critical Role of the Renal Shiga Toxin Receptor in Albumin Absorption and Toxic Renal Failure

24.06.2019 Erlangen

F. Jaisser, Paris:
Novel therapeutic indications of mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists: pathophysiological basis

08.07.2019 Regensburg

W. Kriz, Heidelberg:
New physiological and pathological aspects of glomerular filtration

(beginning: 13:15h)
Erlangen K. Kitado, Singapur:
Water conservation, muscle mass, and blood pressure control
29.07.2019 Erlangen

F. Artunc, Tübingen:
Proteasuria – a newly identified mechanism for sodium retention in nephrotic syndrome

14.10.2019 Regensburg

S. Lienkamp, Zürich:
Unconventional Models for Renal Disease: Frogs and Reprogramming

28.10.2019 Erlangen

K. Singh, Erlangen:
Miniaturized endoscopic devices for cardiovascular imaging at few micron resolution in 3D

11.11.2019 Regensburg

F. Kronenberg, Innsbruck:
Genetic epidemiological investigations in the German Chronic Kidney Disease (GCKD) study findings on Lp (a), mitochondrial DNA and relative telomere length

22.11.2019 Regensburg

L. Wichmann, Giessen:
Subunit composition determines regulation of epithelial sodium channels in Xenopus laevis

25.11.2019 Erlangen

R. Nielsen, Aarhus:
Renal protein reabsorption in health and disease

02.12.2019 Regensburg

S. Lang, Homburg:
Man - Midge - Molecule: Studying the pathogenic mechanisms of uric acid urolithiasis and ADTKD-SEC61A1 at the organismal and cellular level

16.12.2019 Erlangen G. Moeckel, New Haven:
MIF-2/D-DT is a cytokine with cell protective and
regenerative function in the kidney proximal tubule
Conferences and Meetings
08. - 11.09. 2019 Zürich, Switzerland European Kidney Summerschool EUKISS
30.09.- 02. 10. 2019 Ulm, Germany 98th Annual Meeting of the German Physiological Society
10. - 13.10. 2019 Düsseldorf, Germany 11th Annual Congress of the German Society of Nephrology
29. - 30. 11.2019 Leising/Beilngries Retreat SFB 1350 2019
16. - 18. 07.2019 Regensburg Expansion Microscopy


Date Place Speaker
17.02.2020 Erlangen Prof. Ingeborg Bajema, Leiden:
Lupus nephritis: Diagnosis and Classification
24.02.2020 Regensburg

Dr. Matteus Krappitz, Berlin:
Disruption of the EF-hand domain of Polycystin-2 ameliorates cystic disease caused by Polycystin-1 deficiency




Prof. Katja Ferenz, Düsseldorf:
Applications of Albumin-derived Perfluorocarbon-based Artificial Oxygen carriers

cancelled because of Covid-19

Erlangen Prof. Peter Boor, Aachen:
Artificial intelligence (AI) in (nephro)pathology and beyond - sci-fi becoming reality

cancelled because of Covid-19

Erlangen Prof. Lars Fester, Erlangen

postponed because of Covid-19

Regensburg Dr. Monika Prünster, München

beginn: 16:00h
cancelled because of Covid-19

Regensburg Prof. F. Artunc, Tübingen:
Blockade des epithelialen Natriumkanals ENaC – ein neuer Ansatz zur Behandlung von nephrotischen Ödemen?
cancelled because of Covid-19

Prof. Jörg König, Erlangen:
Transport von Argininmetaboliten durch renale Transportproteine

cancelled because of Covid-19
Erlangen Prof. V. Bhalla, Stanford
cancelled because of Covid-19
Regensburg Dr. S. Brähler, Köln
12.10.2020 zoom

Dr. Monika Prünster, München:
Extratubular polymerized Uromodulin induces leukocyte recruitment in vivo

02.11.2020 zoom

Prof. Dr. Dipl. Ing. Felix Engel, Erlangen:
Gpr126 (Adgrg6) in kidney development and disease

09.11.2020 zoom Prof. Dr. Jakob Völkl, Linz:
16.11.2020 internal seminar
A1: Mechanisms of early ciliogenesis
A2: Slowing polycystic kidney disease by inhibition of HIF-1α-dependent- and calcium-mediated secretory signaling pathways
23.11.2020 internal seminar
A3: CFTR and TMEM16A/F in polycystic kidney disease and metabolic alkalosis
A4: Tubular and interstitial proteases as regulators of the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC)
07.12.2020 internal seminar
A5: Molecular mechanisms of transport and inhibition in SGLTs
B1: (Patho)physiology of resident PDGFRβ+ interstitial cells in the kidney
14.12.2020 internal seminar
A6: Cardio- and nephroprotective mechanisms of SGLT2 inhibition
C6: Prioritizing genes for kidney function decline in the population and high risk groups



zoom Prof. Dr. J. Müller-Deile, Erlangen:

Cell-cell communication through miRs and circulating factors in renal diseases

Conferences and Meetings


! Cancelled !

Regensburg, Germany International Symposium of the Collaborative Kidney Research Center SFB1350:
What's new in renal tubular and interstitial pathophysiology?

02.-05. September 2020

! Cancelled !

Berlin, Germany European Kidney Summerschool EUKISS

11.-13. September 2020

! Cancelled !

Berlin, Germany Europhysiology
01.-04. October 2020 Berlin, Germany Nephrologie 2020 - 12. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Nephrologie
20-25. October 2020 Denver, USA American Society of Nephrology (ASN), Kidney Week 2020

  1. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
  2. Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


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