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Equality, diversity and family friendliness


Equality, diversity and family friendliness are essential for a functioning research landscape and lead to considerable added value:

  • gender equality affects the quality of research, as talent can be drawn from a larger pool
  • a diversity of research perspectives is promoted
  • gender bias in science is eliminated

For this reason, SFB 1350 / TRR 374 has committed itself in its concept to contribute to the development of an infrastructure for sustainable gender equality work in its collaborative projects.

SFB 1350 / TRR 374 Gender Equality Funding is to be used primarily:

  • to improve the compatibility of scientific career and family life duties
  • to support young female scientists in their scientific careers and to help to increase the number of women scientists at principal investigator level
  • to make science and research more family-friendly

Applications for support from the Gender Equality Fund may be submitted at any time to the Executive Board via the gender equality officer (contact: michaela.kritzenberger@ur.de).

A report on the Gender Equality Funds awarded is submitted to the annual SFB 1350 / TRR 374 Mitgliederversammlung.

  1. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
  2. Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Equality, Diversity, Family Friendliness

Family Friendliness


Gender Equality Officer of the SFB 1350 / TRR 374:
Dr. Michaela Kritzenberger

Tel.: ++49 (0)941/943-2885