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Lehrprojekte der AG Molekulare Psychopharmakologie

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PDF-Dokument 2013/02

Prüfungsfragen 2013

PDF-Dokument 2013

Studiengang Humanmedizin, Psychiatrie

Master's Programme in "Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences"

Our aim is to establish a highly specialised, internationally competitive, graduate degree for honours students in the area of Experimental and Clinical Neurosciences (ECN). The ECN-Programme is based on an interdisciplinary scientific network with emphasis on decoding the molecular, cellular and neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric disorders. The following key research areas are of central importance: molecular neurobiology (neuroplasticity, neurogenetics, neuronal signaling), behavioural and molecular neuroendocrinology (emotionality, social behaviour, cognition, early and adult life stress and correlation with molecular, cellular and neuroendocrine parameters, surgical approaches), Neuro-imaging/ functional magnetic resonance tomography.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Homepage des Studiengangs ECN.

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Molekulare Psychopharmakologie

Prof. Dr. med. habil.

Caroline Nothdurfter


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