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Prof. Dr. Taushif Ahmed


Prof. Dr. Taushif Ahmed
Universität Regensburg
Fakultät für Physik
93040 Regensburg
Tel.: +49 941 943 2019

Office location: PHY 4.1.20, Universitätsstr. 31, 93053 Regensburg, Germany


Mailing address:
Universität Regensburg, Fakultät für Physik, 93040 Regensburg, Germany

+49-941-943-2006  (Ms. Heidi Decock)  
+49-941-943-2008 (Ms. Monika Maschek)

Who Am I?

Hi! This is Taushif Ahmed! Currently, I'm a Junior Professor of Physics at the University of Regensburg in Germany. Before joining Regensburg in July 2022, I worked as a post-doctoral Research Associate at INFN Torino, University of Torino in Italy, post-doctoral scientist at Max-Planck-Institute for Physics at Munich in Germany from October 2018 to September 2020. I work on theoretical physics. Understanding the connection among various gauge theories from the perspective of transcendentality weight and infrared structures, making precise theoretical predictions through computing radiative corrections to scattering amplitudes and observables employing state-of-the-art techniques are my primary objectives. My primary focus is on maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory, perturbative QCD and Electroweak theory.

My Research

  • Multi-loop and multi-leg calculations in perturbative QCD & Electroweak theory
  • Computations of Feynman integrals
  • Threshold correction and threshold resummation
  • Collider Physics phenomenology
  • EFT in Gravity from the Perspective of Modern Methods of Scattering Amplitudes

High Energy Physics

Secretary: +49 941 943 -

Heidi Decock: -2006
Monika Maschek: -2008

Quarks, gluons etc. in 1+3 dimensions