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Novum Testamentum Patristicum

The Novum Testamentum Patristicum Commentary Series (NTP) evaluates the reception of the entire New Testament in ancient Christian literature and examines each passage within its respective context.

45 volumes (39 commentaries and 6 supplementary volumes) are scheduled to come out either in German or in English. The project was initiated in 1993 by Kurt Niederwimmer, in cooperation with Gerhard May (d. 2007), Henning Paulsen (d. 1994) and Basil Studer (d. 2008). The present editors are Andreas Merkt (since 2004), Tobias Nicklas (since 2005) and Joseph Verheyden (since 2007). The first volume, M. Meiser, Galater, NTP 9, was published in 2007. On August 18, 2008 this volume (together with another work) received the 'Pope Benedict XVI' Research Award, worth €15,000, from the Governor of Bavaria.

The series is published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen, under the supervision of Jörg Persch. 

The NTP-Group comprises about 30 scholars from various countries, disciplines and denominations. Their contact details can be found in the list of participating authors.

They regularly organize international conferences (Oxford 2007, Leuven 2009, Regensburg 2010, Siegen 2011, Leuven 2012, Groningen 2013). The conference papers are published in a volume.




Heterotopias of Religious Authority in Ancient Christianity

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