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FAQ: Finding Literature

How can I find out if a certain book is in the library?

By doing a search in the Regensburg Catalogue plus you can check if the book is in our library or in another library participating in the Regensburg Catalogue plus.

If you have any questions about your search results, please contact the information desk.

What can I find in the Regensburg Catalogue plus?

There are approximately 4.3 million pieces of media of different Regensburg libraries in the Regensburg Catalogue plus.
When you make a research in the Regensburg Catalogue plus, the results are presented in three tabs:

In the first tab “Regensburg Union Catalogue” you can find the following types of media: books, e-books, journals, newspapers (in print and in digital form), films, CD-ROMs, microfiches, microfilms and special stocks.
The media you find in the tab “Regensburg Union Catalogue” is in the stock the university library, the library of the university of applied sciences, the state library or other scientific libraries in Regensburg.
In the second tab “Articles & more” you find a variety of journal articles and book chapters. In many cases you have access to the PDF of the article.
Please notice: Here you find only a variety of articles. The searched sources are listed here. For a deeper research you use databases.
In the third tab “Bavarian Library Union” you find the holdings of scientific libraries in Bavaria, Berlin and Brandenburg. Books, that are not available in Regensburg, you can order here via inter-library loan.

How can I get the media I found in the catalogue?

Before you can borrow something you need a library card.

Please determine first in which library the media are available.You can find this in the title view in the column “branch/department” in the tab “holdings”:

Reading room books can only be taken out over the weekend from Friday 12 p.m. to Monday 12 p.m. (except for the reading rooms Law 1 and 2 and the reading room Economics: Loans are generally not permitted).

Our information desk will assist you in questions you may have in regards to searching and using the library.
The media from the stacks and from the textbook collection can be borrowed for 4 weeks (two extensions may be possible). Media from the stacks have to be ordered via the Regensburg Catalog using your library card and must be picked up within five working days. 

Books in the reading rooms may only be used on site.
With the book scanners you can save scans on your USB stick free of charge.

You can take out media on short-term and overnight loans, as well as loans over the weekend from Friday 12 p.m. to Monday 12 p.m. (except for the reading rooms Law 1 and 2 and the reading room Economics: Loans are generally not permitted).

Books from our textbook collection can be taken directly from the shelves and borrowed.

The library card of our library is valid also at the library of the Regensburg Hochschule (University of Applied Sciences) and the “Staatliche Bibliothek”. You can order media from both of those libraries and pick them up here.

For media of other libraries and archives you need a separate library card. Please contact the individual libraries.

Reports/Term papers: How can find more literature?

The tab “Articles & more” provides a small selection of articles and book chapters. The searched sources are listed here.

Databases are more suitable than library catalog for a comprehensive search for literature on a certain topic, because they contain all sources of literature, i.e. apart from books you will also find articles from journals, books and  anthologies, for example.

Contact persons for the search in databases are at the information desk and the specialists for each subject.

Why can I not access an e-book I found?

Electronic books (e-books) are listed in the the Regensburg Catalogue plus in the tab “Regensburg Union Catalogue”. These books have either been bought by the university library or by the library of the Hochschule. They can be accessed only from PCs which are located at the campus of the particular university, because access is controlled via the IP address of the computer.

You can tell which library has purchased the e-book by the note in the Regensburg Catalog “Note: “Campus license for university” or “Campus license for OTH Regensburg (Hochschule)”

If it is an e-book of the library of the Hochschule, please contact the information desk there and log in at a PC at the library of the Hochschule. Depending on the publisher you can save the whole e-book or parts of it (on your USB stick) and / or print it out.

If you find an e-book in the tab “Bavarian Library Union”, you have no access, as another library has licensed the e-book. You can order the book per interlibrary loan. In most cases the printed version is delivered by interlibrary loan.

As a guest user you can access the e-books of the university library in the information center of the central library. Please register at the information desk and present your library card (opening hours of the information center).

If you have any questions or problems with e-books, please contact information.

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