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The following information is on how to apply to UR as an exchange student within the framework of an ERASMUS- or other partnership programme.

A flow chart gives you an overview over the application procedures for exchange students.

Application Procedures

Application Procedures for Exchange Students

1. Application at the home institution

Students wishing to study at UR as an exchange student need to apply to their home university first. Please contact the international office (study abroad office) at your home university for more information.

2. Nomination by the partner university

After you have successfully applied as an exchange student at your home university, your home university will send us the names of the selected candidates (= nomination).

The nomination deadlines are:

May 1 for the winter semester

November 1for the summer semester

3. Filling in UR's Online Application

As a next step, students fill in the online application form

and upload the following documents:

  • Scan of passport/ ID Card
  • Proof of valid heathl insurance (if already available at the time of the application)
  • Proof of language skills (no older than 2 years at time of application)
  • Transcript of Records
  • Preliminary Learning Agreement (= your course choice)*
  • Photo for your student ID

The application deadlines are:

May 15 for the winter semester

November 15 for the summer semester

* Learning Agreement Forms

All students who come through the ERASMUS program, should contact their home institution for the learning agreement form.

Students from overseas (North or South America, Asia, and Australia) or who come outside the ERASMUS-Program can download a special learning agreement form for overseas students in our download section.

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Finding courses for your learning agreement - tutorial

As our course catalogue is always published very late - too late for your learning agreement, it is a bit difficult to find the right courses.

We provide a tutorial for you that should make it easer to find the right courses and that gives you an overview of the courses offered at UR:

finding courses for your learning agreement (wmv)

If you have problems opening the wmv document, you can also download the tutorial as a pdf: findind courses for your learning agreement (pdf).

Regular Dates and Deadlines

With the exception of this year (2020), we normally have the following deadlines:

Nomination by Partner University:

  • by May 1 for the winter semester
  • by November 1 for the summer semester

Online Application and sending of documents (done by the students):

  • between March 15th and May 15th for the winter semester
  • between September15th and October 1st for the winter semester

The next steps....

Please allow some time for us to review and process your documents.

Approximately in mid-June (for the winter semester) or mid-December (for the summer semester) will will send you an information package via E-Mail.

Among other things, it will contain your letter of acceptance, which you might need to apply for a visa.

  1. UR International

Exchange Coordinator

Christine Betzner