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Focus Subject - Bioinformatics

You have to choose the theoretical module and the practical module.

TM  Theoretical Module (12 CP)

Computational Biology


PM  Practical Module (12 CP)

Sequence- and Structure-based Computational Biology


An overview of accepted courses within the module is available here hyperlink

For the Theoretical module, bioinformatics lectures and internships from the groups of Prof. Rudack, PD Uwe Schwartz, or Prof. Spang are accepted.

Module final exams can be taken by Prof. Rudack, Prof. Spang and Prof. Gronwald.

For the Practical Module inernships are acceptet from following groups

Prof. Till Rudack (link to the group)

Prof. Rainer Spang (link to the group)

Prof. Wolfram Gronwald (link to the group)

PD Dr. Uwe Schwartz (uwe.schwartz@ur.de)

For more information please contact Prof. Till Rudack (till.rudack@ur.de).

TM Computational Biology


Detailed module description - pdf

Person in charge: Prof. Till Rudack (till.rudack@ur.de).

Module contents
  • Foundations of machine learning
  • test theory methods of optimization
  • algorithms utilized in computational biology
  • modelling biological objects
  • analysis of large data sets
  • Presentation and discussion of a research based topic from computational biology
Module components
  1. at least two lectures in the field of computational biology (for a selection see the course catalog at the university portal; WS and SS)
  2. one seminar in the field of computational biology (for a selection see the course catalog at the university portal; WS and SS)

In the seminar a seminar presentation has to be held and registered in Flexnow as an ungraded study achievement (Studienleistung).

Note! If you are not sure what lectures and seminar to select, please contact the person in charge of the module.
The selection may depend on the examiner you choose for the module examination.

Module examination

30 min oral examination (graded)


Prof. Till Rudack

Prof. Wolfram Gronwald

Prof. Dr. Rainer Spang

The student can choose the examiner.

Please get in contact with the examiner to arrange a date of the oral examination, than register the examination in flexnow.

PM Sequence- and Structure-based Computational Biology


Detailed module description - pdf

For more information please contact Dr. Kristina Straub (kristina.straub@ur.de).

Module contents
  • sequence comparison
  • computation of phylogenetic trees
  • 2D prediction
  • homology modelling
  • protein design
  • visualization of protein 3D structures
  • analysis of omics data sets,
  • presentation and discussion of own computational findings
Module components

Laboratory course (6 weeks) with seminar: Sequence- and structure-based computational biology

The laboratory course can be composed of a 3-weeks project course (WS) and a 3-weeks laboratory course.

Module examination

Portfolio examination (graded)