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Welcome to the Institute of Information and Media, Language and Culture at the University Regensburg!

At our institute, 9 professors, approximatly 70 employees and about 3,000 students research, study, teach and work in our various research chains:

As an iSchool we are part of an international network of information schools and one of the leading German locations for research on information behavior. Our interdisciplinary research and teaching formulates and investigates research questions that focus on people and their cultural techniques. Our vision is to understand the interplay of technology and culture as a potential for positively shaping the future of society.

Selected Research Projects

A Social Media Companion Safeguarding and Educating Students


COURAGE is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and aims at a virtual companion that guides teenagers in the use of social networks. The virtual companion will increase awareness of the potential threats to which young people are exposed in social networks.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Udo Kruschwitz (Information Science)

Funding: VolkswagenStiftung

Term: 07/2019 - 07/2023

Amount of funding: around 1,5 M. Euro

More information: https://www.upf.edu/web/courage

Networked Intelligent Objects through, on and around interactive tables in everyday life


In the joint project VIGITIA, the project partners investigate how projected augmented reality (PAR) supports and enriches everyday interactions around tables.

Speaker: Dr. Raphael Wimmer (Media Informatics)

Funding: BMBF

Term: 07/2019 – 06/2022

More information: http://www.vigitia.de/

Junior Research Group Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern (ZD.B)

Physical Affordances for Digital Media and Workflows

The junior research group investigates how the unique advantages of physical and digital media can be combined. In particular, they are investigating how the efficient interaction possibilities of physical paper can be maintained in purely digital workflows on the one hand and what interaction possibilities of digital data can be taught to physical paper on the other.

Speaker: Dr. Raphael Wimmer (Media Informatics)

Funding: BMBF within the scope of the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern (ZD.B)

Term: 02/2017 – 01/2022

Amount of funding: around 1.2 M. Euro

More information: https://hci.ur.de/

Master Studies

Digital Humanities

The term Digital Humanities refers to the use of digital resources and computer-based methods in the humanities. Within the framework of the project, the master's program of the same name was established in Regensburg, which enables bachelor's graduates in the humanities to apply, reflect on and further develop digital methods and algorithmic-analytical procedures.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Bernd Ludwig (Information Science), Prof. Dr. Christian Wolff (Media Informations)

Funding: BMBF within the scope of the innovation program „Digitaler Campus Bayern“

Term: 11/2016 – 10/2021

Amound of funding: around 3.6 M. Euro for the universities of Regensburg, Erlangen-Nuremberg and Munich

More information: www.dhregensburg.de

eBusiness for guest performances


The aim of the joint project eKulturPortal was to design more efficient cultural industry processes in the area of stage guest performances in order to make their organization and administration much easier. For this purpose, an online platform for the electronic handling of the entire business process between provider, organizer and participating third parties was developed.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christian Wolff (Media Informatics), Prof. Dr. Daniel Drascek (Comparative European Ethnology)

Funding: BMWi, focus of funding: „Mittelstand-Digital“, funding initiative: „eStandards“

Term: 09/2015 – 08/2018

Amount of Funding: around 1.2 M. Euro 

More information: https://e-kultur.eu/ekulturportal/


Chairs and Professors

Chair of Media Studies

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Dotzler


Office: Renate Vogl

Chair of Information Science

Prof. Dr. Udo Kruschwitz

Office: Elisabeth Reitmeier

Professorship for Information Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Bernd Ludwig

Office: Elisabeth Reitmeier

Professorship of Media Aesthetics

Prof. Dr. Christiane Heibach

Office: Renate Vogl

Chair of General and Comparative Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Johannes Helmbrecht

Office: Gaby Wein

Chair of Comparative European Ethnology

Prof. Dr. Daniel Drascek

Office: Michaela Spreitzer

Professorship of Comparative European Ethnology

Prof. Dr. Gunther Hirschfelder

Office: Michaela Spreitzer

Chair of Media Informatics

Prof. Dr. Christian Wolff

Office: Susanne Klinger

Professorship of Media Informatics

Prof. Dr. Niels Henze

Office: Susanne Klinger

Coordination of Studies

Ulrike Allouche, M.A.


phone:+49 941 943-5097

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