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Courses in English

Courses Taught in English for Exchange Students

The following information is only relevant for exchange students. Students who do not come within an exchange agreement but want to apply as degree seeking students should see our information on English-taught degree programs.

How to Use the Online Course Catalogue (LSF)

If you have not done so, please check our section on how to use our online course catalogue and  download our short guide.

Two pieces of advice:

  • Please check the first line of the course catalogue whether you have opened the right semester. You can choose between different semesters!
  • When looking at course details, please always check the info under "Language of Instruction". The mere fact that the course title appears in English does not mean that it is also taught in English.

How to find courses taught in English

There are three ways in which to find lists of courses taught in English in the online course catalogue.

a) Using the main navigation and the heading
"Lehrveranstaltungen in englischer Sprache/Courses taught in English"

From winter semester 2018/19, you can find a direct link to courses taught in English as part of the main navigation page of the online course cataloge, heading "Lehrveranstaltungen in englischer Sprache/courses taught in English".

Please follow this link or go to:


--> Courses

--> Course overview

--> Lehrveranstaltungen in englischer Sprache/Courses taught in English

Important Note:
This section has been established very recently and not all courses could be integrated so far. We are working on completing the section as soon as possible!

b) Using the search function

You can create a list of all courses taught in English by using the search function.


--> Courses

--> Search for Courses

  • Then use "English" or "English/German" under the category "Language of Instruction"

c) Using the links provided

To make things easier for you, we have provided links to the search results of the departments which offer courses taught in English on a regular basis. For the moment, you can find them in the menu on the left under "individual areas".

Courses that will be newly introduced in winter semester 2018/19

The following courses in English will be taught for the first time in winter semester 2018/19. You therefore will not find them listed in the old course catalogues.

They are open to exchange students from all degree programs.

Organized by the Center of Language and Communication (ZSK) :

Organized by German Studies:

Organized by History:

Organized by Media Studies:

Organized by Political Science:

  1. UR International

Courses taught in English

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