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Yii-Jan Lin

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Fellow 07/2019

Yii-Jan Lin

Raum: SGLG 319
Tel.: +49 941 943-5973

E-Mail: yii-jan.lin@yale.edu



  • 2014 PhD Yale University, Religious Studies, New Testament
  • 2005 MA Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, New Testament, summa cum laude
  • 2000 MA University of Chicago, English Literature
  • 1999 BA Pomona College, English Literature


  • 2016- Assistant Professor of New Testament, Yale Divinity School
  • 2014-16 Assistant Professor of New Testament, Pacific School of Religion, Biblical Studies Faculty, Graduate Theological Union
  • 2013-14 Visiting Instructor of New Testament, Pacific School of Religion


  • 2018-22 Research Fellow of the DFG Centre for Advanced Studies, “Beyond Canon: Heterotopias of Religious Authority in Late Antique Christianity”
  • 2017-18 Teaching and Learning Workshop for Early Career Religion Faculty of Asian and Pacific Islander Descent Fellowship, Wabash Center
  • 2017 Whitney Humanities Center Humanities/Humanity Initiative Grant: Philologia Sacra et Profana: Constructions of the Authentic, with Irene Peirano (Classics) and Kirk Wetters (German), Yale University
  • 2014 Asian Theological Summer Institute Doctoral Fellow, Wabash Center
  • 2011-12 Whiting Fellowship in the Humanities, Yale University
  • 2011 Graduate Student Assembly Conference Travel Fellowship, Yale University
  • 2009-10 Connecticut/Baden-Württemberg Fellowship, taken at Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg, Germany
  • 2009 Society of Biblical Literature New England Region's Best Student Paper Award, for "Ethnic Minority Hermeneutics: Reaching beyond Textual Analysis"
  • 2005 Ludvig J. Pedersen New Testament Thesis Award, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • 2005 Fund for Theological Education Minority Student Conference Nomination and Scholarship


  • 2019-21 Editorial Board: Journal of Biblical Studies
  • 2018- Steering Committee: New Testament Textual Criticism, Society of Biblical Literature
  • 2018- Steering Committee: Ethnic Chinese Biblical Colloquium, Society of Biblical Literature


  • 2019-22 Archaia Program Committee
  • 2017-18 Committee for Diversity, Yale Divinity School
  • 2017-8 Faculty Advisor, Asian Student Association, Yale Divinity School
  • 2016-8 Convener of New Testament/Ancient Christianity Colloquium, Yale Divinity School and the Department of Religious Studies
  • 2016-7 Committee for Community Life, Yale Divinity School


  • 2015-6 Coordinator of the MA Biblical Languages Program, Hebrew and Greek, Graduate Theological Union
  • 2015-6 Search Committee for Vice President and Academic Dean, Pacific School of Religion
  • 2015-6 Search Committee for New Testament Faculty, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
  • 2015-6 Admissions Committee, Pacific School of Religion
  • 2015 Intercultural Justice Committee, Pacific School of Religion.
  • 2014-5 Workshop Speaker for the Asian Pacific Islander Program Initiative, Pacific School of Religion
  • 2014-5 Faculty Development Committee for faculty on-track and tenure review, Pacific School of Religion


  • 2019 Yale Divinity Bible Study Project: Women in the Bible, with Jacqueline Vayntrub
  • 2016 "Justifying Looting in Times of Crisis: Patristic Apologia for the Despoliation of Egypt" Cosmologics Spring 2016 (Harvard Divinity School: Science, Religion, and Culture)
  • 2016 Interviewee for the documentary "Who Do They Say That I Am," for National Public Radio WYSO, Miami Valley, Ohio
  • 2015 “Race and Image of the Divine,” three-part video series for Moyo: Being and Doing, a web resource created by The Upper Room
  • 2014 Panelist alongside lead-actor Seana McKenna, post-performance of “Testament”, American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco


Yale Divinity School

  • Introduction to New Testament Interpretation
  • Greek Exegesis: Gospel of Mark
  • English Exegesis: Gospel of Matthew
  • “Race” and the New Testament

Pacific School of Religion/Graduate Theological Union

  • Critical Introduction to the New Testament
  • Apocalypse and Imagination
  • Gender, Sexuality, and the New Testament
  • Race/Ethnicity and the New Testament
  • Early Christianities
  • Holy Places and Displacements: An Immersion Course in the Middle East
  • Intermediate Greek


  • American Academy of ReligionNorth American Patristics Society
  • Ethnic Chinese Biblical ColloquiumSociety of Biblical Literature



  • 2021 In preparation: Immigration and Apocalypse: Apocalyptic Discourse in the History of American Immigration
  • 2016 The Erotic Life of Manuscripts: New Testament Textual Criticism and the Biological Sciences, Oxford University Press

Refereed Articles

  • 2019 In preparation: “‘Who Is It That Struck You?’: Games, Prophecy, and Violence in the Minor Agreement of Matthew 26:68 and Luke 22:64”
  • 2019 In preparation: “The Aethiopica and the Study of Race in Early Christianity”
  • 2019 Submitted: “Musical Performance Practice and New Testament Textual Criticism: A Proposal for Creative Philology” to Early Christianity
  • 2018 Submitted: “Junia: An Apostle before Paul” to Journal of Biblical Literature
  • 2007 “Semen, Philosophy, and Paul,” Journal of Philosophy and Scripture, 4(2): 32-45

Book Chapters

  • 2019 Forthcoming: “Of Escoffier, Gastronomie, Craft, and Canon,” Reading in These Times: The Critical Task, eds. Fernando J. Segovia and Tat-siong Benny Liew, SBL Press
  • 2019 Forthcoming: “Who Is the Text? The Gendered and Racialized New Testament,” The Oxford Handbook of New Testament, Gender, and Sexuality, ed. Benjamin Dunning, Oxford University Press
  • 2018 “Certeau and the Two Ways: Digital Dissolution and the Demands of Power in Biblical Studies,” Present and Future of Biblical Studies, ed. Tat-siong Benny Liew, Brill

Encyclopedia Entries

  • 2014 “Male-Female Sexuality: New Testament,” The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Gender Studies, eds. Davina Lopez and Todd Penner, Oxford University Press

Book Reviews

  • 2016 Reading the Bible Ethically, by Eric J. Douglass, in Biblical Interpretation: A Journal of Contemporary Approaches 24 (2): 271-3
  • 2013 The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research, edited by Bart D. Ehrman and Michael W. Holmes, in The Marginalia Review of Books (accessible at themarginaliareview.com/archives/3707)
  • 2012 Prejudice and Christian Beginnings: Investigating Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Early Christian Studies, eds. Laura Nasrallah and Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, in Biblical Interpretation 20 (2): 183-4
  • 2010  Aliens and Sojourners: Self as Other in Early Christianity, by Benjamin H. Dunning, in Bryn Mawr Classical Review (accessible at: bmcr.brynmawr.edu/2010/2010-05-24.html)
  • 2010 The Politics of Heaven: Women, Gender, and Empire in the Study of Paul, by Joseph A. Marchal, in Horizons in Biblical Theology 32 (1): 111-3


  • 2019 “Musical Performance Practice and New Testament Textual Criticism: A Proposal for a Creative Philology,” Hebrew Bible and Philology Session, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Diego
  • 2019 Response to Matthew Larsen, The Gospel before the Book, Joint Session of Gospels and New Testament Textual Criticism Sections, Society of Biblical Literature, San Diego
  • 2019 “What Is Creative Philology?” Beyond the Canon Seminar, University of Regensburg, Regensburg
  • 2019 “Apocalypse and Immigration: The Use of Revelation in Immigration Discourse,” Exchanges in Biblical Studies Session, International Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Rome
  • 2019 “Music, Textual Criticism, and Creative Philology,” Columbia New Testament Seminar, Columbia University
  • 2019 “‘A Shining City on the Hill’: Apocalyptic Rhetoric and Immigration on the California Coast,” New Testament and Early Christian Studies Day, Yale University
  • 2018 Respondent to Shelly Matthews, “Resurrection, Politics and Justice,” Resurrection: New Methods and Approaches, Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas Annual Meeting, Athens
  • 2018 “Christianity and the Body,” Panel Respondent, Graduate Student Conference, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • 2017 “Certeau and the Two Ways: Digital Dissolution and the Demands of Power in Biblical Studies,” Panelist, “Present and Future of Biblical Studies,” The Bible in Racial, Ethnic, and Indigenous Communities (AAR) and Minoritized Criticism and Biblical Interpretation (SBL) Sessions, American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Boston
  • 2017 “Critical Race Theory and the Study of Antiquity,” Panelist, Student Advisory Board, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Boston
  • 2016 Respondent to Martin Nesvig, “San Diego de Pamatácurao: A Mountain Shrine in 16th Century Mexico,” Muilenburg-Koenig Workshop: Material Christianity, San Francisco Theological Seminary
  • 2016 Respondent to Reindart Falkenburg, “Pieter Bruegel, God, and Ingold’s Indwelling Perspective,” Muilenburg-Koenig Workshop: Material Christianity, San Francisco Theological Seminary
  • 2015 “Of Escoffier, Gastronomie, Craft, and Canon,” Panelist, “Reading in These Times: The Critical Task,” Minoritized Criticism and Biblical Interpretation Session, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Atlanta
  • 2015 “‘Burn Her Who Will Not Marry’: The Story after Corinth,” Panelist “(Corinthian) Women Prophets: Past, Present, and Future,” Joint Session, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Atlanta
  • 2015 “Made This Way: Religious, Cultural, and Bodily Conversion,” Talk Series “Conversion and Religious Transformation: Ancient and Modern Experiences and Paradigms,” Green College, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  • 2013 “‘But Analogy May Be A Deceitful Guide’: The Use of Biological Metaphor in NT Textual Criticism,” Paper with respondents Wayne Kannaday and Tat-siong Benny Liew, Ethnic Chinese Biblical Colloquium Public Session, Society of Biblical Literature, Annual Meeting in Baltimore
  • 2012 "The Erotic Life of Manuscripts: A History of NT Textual Criticism and the Biological Sciences," Centre for Biblical Studies, University of Exeter, Exeter
  • 2011 Student Respondent, "Reading the Bible with Mary Ann Tolbert," Joint Session, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in San Francisco
  • 2008 Book Review Panelist, What Is Asian American Biblical Hermeneutics? by Tat-siong Benny Liew, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in Boston


  • 2017 “New Testament Textual Criticism in the Digital Age,” Philologia Sacra et Profana: Whitney Humanities/Humanity Conference, Yale University
  • 2017 “The Anthropomorphized New Testament,” Paper with respondent Stephen D. Moore, Ethnic Chinese Biblical Colloquium Winter Meeting, Drew University
  • 2015 “Getting Their Due: Patristic and Contemporary Justification of Looting in Times of Crisis,” Panelist, “Inside the Crisis Economy: Theological Archaeologies,” Ways of Knowing: Graduate Conference on Religion, Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge
  • 2015 “Divine Plunder in Apocalyptic Times: The Despoliation of the Egyptians in Patristic Interpretations,” International Conference on Patristic Studies, Oxford University
  • 2014 "Waiting on the Island of Angels: America and the New Jerusalem in Chinese Immigrant Imagination," International Congress of Ethnic Chinese Biblical Scholars, Hong Kong
  • 2012 "A Critical Engagement of 'Lower Criticism' through Race/Ethnic Theory," Methods in New Testament Studies Session, Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting in Amsterdam
  • 2011 "Classification, Genealogy, and Contamination: The Racialization of Texts in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries," New Testament Textual Criticism Session, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Francisco
  • 2009 "Ethnic Minority Hermeneutics: Reaching beyond Textual Analysis," Society of Biblical Literature Regional New England Meeting at Andover-Newton Theological School




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