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Buddy Program

In order to better connect international students with each other and to make their start in Regensburg easier, the University of Regensburg has created the Buddy Program for international students. Experienced international students, who already know their way around Regensburg and the university (so-called senior buddies), form small buddy groups with new international students (so-called junior buddies) to help each other with everyday problems and to make new friends. Here we try to match buddies with the same or a similar course of study.

The senior buddies are not supposed to help with formalities or paperwork, but with everyday questions and problems - they are supposed to be a first contact person for their junior buddies. They can pass on their own experiences and tips to the Junior Buddies and get to know new people.

If the Junior Buddies have already studied at least one semester at the University of Regensburg and find their way around well, they can apply as Senior Buddies for the next semester and pass on their experience to new internationals. This way, a large network of international students is built up and you can make many new friends from all over the world.


If you have either already studied at the University of Regensburg for at least one semester and would like to help a new international student as a Senior Buddy, or if you are about to start your studies at the University of Regensburg and would be happy about new contacts and help, just send us an email to international.startklar@ur.de with the subject Senior Buddy/ Junior Buddy as well as your name and your study program to sign up. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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