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Semester of German for Visiting Students

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The University of Regensburg currently hosts around 1,500 international students from more than 90 different countries, many of them as participants in exchange programs. Even if your home university does not have an exchange agreement with the University of Regensburg, you can still come as a “Visiting Student” to study for a maximum of 2 semesters at the University of Regensburg and take advantage of courses in the Department of German as a Foreign Language.

Advantages to studying as a “Visiting Student” in Regensburg:

  • You learn German together with students from all over the world at a university with a great academic environment, a beautiful compact campus and an outstanding network of various organizations responsible for helping you get to know and feel comfortable in Regensburg.
  • You receive student status and are therefore able to fully use the university’s services and facilities such as the cafeteria and library or the Regensburg semester ticketfor free bus transportation.
  • You choose freely from a range of German courses offered for your current level through the course program for students enrolled in a degree program (studienbegleitende Kurse). Courses are offered at all levels – from A1 to C2.

Course Program


As a “Visiting Student” in the program “German Semester in Regensburg,” you can choose from an extensive course program in levels A1 to C2 that will enable you to improve and expand your German knowledge while becoming more familiar with Germany and German culture.

In addition to language courses focused on skills in reading, listening, writing, and speaking, we offer cultural studies and literature courses, film seminars, pronunciation training and courses specifically for technical terminology. One unique German course you can participate in is Babylon, the international theater group of the Department of German as a Foreign Language. In 2011, Babylon was awarded the European Label language prize for an innovative project in the field of language teaching.

As a “Visiting Student” you also have access to the University of Regensburg’s E-Learning platform from the Department of German as a Foreign Language as well as the from the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb).

Conditions and Requirements

The following conditions and requirements apply to the program “German Semester in Regensburg for Visiting Students”:

  • You must be registered as a student in a university outside of Germany.
  • You must have a German university entrance qualification.
  • When applying, you must provide proof of German language skills at level A1.
  • The status “Visiting Student” can be given for a maximum of two semesters.
  • Within the framework of the “German Semester in Regensburg” you can only take courses offered in the course program for students enrolled in a degree program (studienbegleitende Kurse) in German as a Foreign Language.
  • The information about placement and registration listed for students enrolled in a degree program (studienbegleitende Kurse) is also valid for participation in these German classes.

Registration and Application Process

If you are interested in our “German Semester in Regenburg”, please send us an e-mail. We will then provide you with further information.

Our application deadlines:

  • January 15th for summer semester (April – September)
  • July 15th for winter semester (October – March)


The program fee is 530 Euro per semester plus about 150 Euro semester fee. The semester fee includes a semester ticket for public transportation which includes free use of buses within Regensburg and free use of buses and trains within a 50 kilometer vicinity of Regensburg for the whole semester.


We are unable to provide housing within the framework of the “German Semester in Regensburg” program, so you will need to find your own housing. The university's International Office can help you by providing helpful resources. Information about finding an apartment in Regensburg can be found here: Finding an apartment.

City and University


Regensburg, in the heart of Europe, is an ideal location for a semester program. Traces of the city's almost 2000 years of history are present throughout the city and give the city its unique character. In 2006, the city of Regensburg was acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for humanity.

Today Regensburg presents itself – due in great part to the high percentage of students – as a modern and young city with extensive opportunities for culture, leisure, and shopping and with a thriving and diverse night life. Geographically, Regensburg is an ideal starting point for exploring Bavaria, Germany, or Europe.

The University of Regensburg is a modern campus university located at the edge of the historical old town of Regensburg. It was founded in 1962 and currently houses a broad range of disciplines with its 11 faculties and more than 100 degree programs.

Approximately 20,000 students (including around 1,400 international students) are currently enrolled at the University of Regensburg. It has been ranked number one in Germany and Europe in regard to quality of life and social environment for foreign students. This result was captured by a survey instrument for international students at 203 European universities. (International Student Barometer (ISB) 2010, i-graduate)

You'll find useful information about living in Regensburg on our International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) website. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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