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Bank Account

It is absolutely necessary to have a German bank account when you live in Regensburg for a longer time. Rents, insurances etc. are paid through an account. Please remember that to take care of all your expenses you need to open a “Girokonto“ (checking / current account).

Which documents do you need to open a bank account?

International students will need the following documents in order to open an account:

  • your passport.
  • your student ID (at some banks, students do not need to pay bank charges)

International guest researcher should bring a copy of their work contract or a letter from their German advisor plus their passport.


Studying in Regensburg - How much money do you need for your living expenses?

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To receive a residence permit to study at the University of Regensburg, you must give evidence to the City of Regensburg  that you have enough money available to live in Germany. As a general orientation, at least € 700,- per month would be accepted as proof that you have sufficient means to support yourself.

Each month you should count on the following fixed costs:
Rent: approximately € 150,- to € 250,-
Health Insurance: approximately € 80,-

Broadcasting fee: approx. 18,- Euro per month.

For a meal in the cafeteria at the University you pay around € 4,-.

Each semester you should reckon on expenditures amounting to approximately €150, - to € 350, - for materials for your studies (books, etc).

Each semester at the University, you additionally must pay student service fee (Studentenwerksbeitrag) in the amount of € 145,- (as of: 07/17). The student service fee serves as a "semester ticket" with which you can ride the buses and trains in Regensburg and within a certain network of about 50 km without extra costs (please see www.rvv.de for detailed information).

The University of Regensburg assumes that international students can bear all costs themselves. When applying, you confirm in a financial declaration (Finanzierungserklärung ) that you have the necessary funds available. The financial declaration also is a requirement (for non-EU citizens) to be issued a residence permit for studying.

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